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Success Story of an Indian Entrepreneur Dheeraj Gupta CEO of Jumboking | Inspirational Success Story


Success Story of an Indian Entrepreneur Dheeraj Gupta CEO of Jumboking | Inspirational Success Story | Chet Chat Click on this link for a ChetChat with Dheeraj Gupta the founder of Jumboking who talks about his entrepreneur success story at ChetChat.

An inspirational success story of how an Indian entrepreneur created a fast food brand and the challenges he overcame. Watch the success story of Dheeraj Gupta to get inspired about how Indian entrepreneurs can compete successfully. Some questions answered by Dheeraj Gupta include

1. What were you doing as a teenager and what did you want to become as a child?

2. Your family was in the mithai business and you took a bank loan at the age of 25 to start 'Shagun' a business of indian sweets. What happened next?

3. Were you afraid of failure? How did you learn from failure?

4. Tell us about how you started Jumboking

5. With a hotel management and an MBA degree in hand, how did the world judge you when you wanted to set up a vada pav shop?

6. Who inspires you / who are your role models?

7. Talk about some of your most challenging moments

8. What helped you overcome these setbacks, what were the thoughts in your head OR what was the inspiration?

9. What were some of the mistakes you made along the way and how did they impact you

10. Were there moments when you wanted to give it all up? How did you come back from those moments?

11. What hobbies do you pursue ?

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