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The Indian market is the top exporter of gems and jewellery, and it has been estimated that this industry contributes 6% to 7% of India's GDP. In addition, jewellery business ranks among the top items consumed in this country. India has a sizable middle-class population and a sizable upper-class population, which support the sizeable jewellery market there. Indians are the world's largest purchasers of jewellery, and their need for status, beauty, and prestige drives these purchases. India is the world's largest exporter of gems and jewellery with $27.44 billion in exports in 2021 due to the highly labour-intensive and cost-effective jewellery franchise industry in India. Franchise jewelry stores opportunity with some of the leading jewelry store franchises lFranchise Discovery has been successful consistently in assisting businessmen set up their franchise business. The team at Franchise Discovery is enthusiastic about what they do and will assist you in finding solutions to all of your questions. You can just fill up the form and we will be right there over call to take your queries.

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