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1 Year
Starter Package
1 Lakh /Year 50K Advance & 50K in 3 Months
  • Verified Leads : 200
  • Minimum Commitment : 4
  • Mini Catalog
  • Direct Enquiry Window
  • Dedicated CRM Support
    (Shared with 100 Brands)
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Verified Tag
  • Keywords Maping: 10
Trusted Package
2 Lakhs /Year 1 Lakh Advance & 1 Lakh in 6 Months
  • Verified Leads : 420
  • Minimum Commitment : 8
  • Mini Catalouge
  • Direct Enquiry Window
  • Dedicated CRM Support
    (Shared with 50 Brands)
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Verified Tag
  • Keywords Maping: 20
Star Package
4 Lakhs /Year 2 Lakhs Advance & 2 Lakhs in 6 Months
  • Verified Leads : 840
  • Minimum Commitment : 16
  • Mini Catalouge
  • Direct Enquiry Window
  • Monthly Business Review
  • Quarterly Lead Audit
  • Dedicated CRM Support
    (Shared with 20 Brands)
  • Verified Tag
  • Keywords Maping: 40
  • Star Brand Tag
  • Personalized Video
  • Minimum Guarantee
Leading Package
8 Lakhs /Year 4 Lakhs Advance & 4 Lakhs in 6 Months
  • Verified Leads : 1680
  • Minimum Commitment : 32
  • Mini Catalog
  • Direct Enquiry Window
  • Weekly Business Review
  • Monthly Lead Audit
  • Quarterly Business Audit (Digital)
  • Dedicated CRM Support
    (Shared with 10 Brands)
  • Verified Tag
  • Keywords Maping : 150
  • Leading Brand Tag
  • Personalized Video
  • Minimum Guarantee
  • Industry Research
Your subscription request will be sent to the FD Team. They will contact you within 24hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a subscription plan?

The subscription plans of Franchise discovery help the brands immensely in getting 100% organic and verified leads. Our team verifies the requirements, relevancy, authenticity of the leads and shares the details with the brands. This helps brand to save time and choose the right fit for the expansion.

What is the minimum commitment in the subscription service?

The minimum commitment in the subscription service depends upon the package you choose. There are 4 packages- Starter, Trusted, Star and Leading. For better clarity, you can visit the Subscription Calculator at our website and check the minimum commitments depending upon your investments.

What happens if you do not fulfil the commitment?

We would like to share that such instances have not occurred till now where we are unable to fulfil our agreed commitments. However, if it happens, we will definitely audit the investor performance , study the case and will extend the service.

If after service is extended and still not able to fulfil the commitment, what will you do?

All our esteemed clients have achieved what we had committed to offer the services. There are absolutely no cases wherein we could not close the deals. In any adverse case, if arises, we will extend the service for another quarter or half yearly or yearly and ensure the conversion takes places. For the best services, we do a pre-verification of all the leads before we share the data with you

What if the leads are not up to mark?

Franchise Discovery conducts a thorough review session monthly and quaterly on our paid subscribers to check the shared investors list and their progress. If we feel they are not upto mark, we replace from the list and do not count anymore in the subscription list.

What is the process of lead replacement?

Our company has a dedicated audit team who verifies the leads and incase it is not matching the brand budget, or categories, or any kind of disinterest showcase to work with the brand, we replace the lead on immediate effect.

What if I pay the advance amount and then you do not provide any leads?

Franchise Discovery works on a transparent process, for which it has been successfully working with reputed clients from all over India. We always take 50% amount in advance and rest 50% after three/six months, which is a fair time for our clients to know our quality services and our efforts to fulfil the commitment.

If you only provide 180 leads in a year, which is significantly fewer than the 500 leads we can generate internally, why would we subscribe to your service?

Yes, we provide significantly fewer leads, but we believe in quality. Our team works to provide verified and 100% organic leads. During the verification process, our system checks the relevancy and if the requirements of the leads match 75-80% during enquiry, we share the details immediately saving your time and no unnecessary follow ups.

What do you mean by saving time by providing less Lead?

Our CRM system is feed with various details and criteria that is required to filter a genuine and good investor. Once these filters are applied, you will receive leads as per your match for expansion. This way it saves time to pick the seriously interested ones.

What is the process of verifying any leads?

When any investor raises a query filling the investor enquiry form, our dedicated team receives the query and verifies manually the questions that is designed and fed in our CRM to understand the requirements and interest of the investor. If the criteria is matched with more than 75% relevancy we will share the brand details for further steps ahead.

What is the guarantee That Franchise discovery won’t share my leads with any other brand?

Franchise Discovery does not work on commission-based model. Our CRM is designed in a way that when a query is raised by investors, the system will process the information and based on investor’s interests, brand details will be shared accordingly. So, there is no chance that Franchise Discovery will share your leads with any other brand.

What is the meaning of a mini catalogue?

Our team prepares a subdomain page of the brand wherein all details of the brand will be mentioned like about the brand, franchise investment, number of outlets, business model, business types, ROI, royalty, profit margin, FAQs and many more details. This is called mini catalogue.

What is the benefit of lead audit?

Our company audits the leads shared with brand in timely interval. With this practice and inputs from investors, we can figure out the area of improvements of the leads or in case any issue faced from the brand end. Also with such audits, if we understand regarding any disinterest to work with the brand , we can replace the lead with immediate effect.

What is the meaning of block city?

Blocked city means the location (city/state), where the brand does not have any plan to expand. Our system will automatically filter the blocked location and will not share enquiry details to that particular brand.

What is a direct inquiry window?

If you are interest to franchise with a particular brand, you can visit their page in our website, and once you scroll down, you will receive a space/window for enquiry. You have to fill in the details for further processing.

What is the dedicated CRM Team?

Once you take the subscription plan, you will be assigned a CRM team who will be dedicated for your service for the next one year. You can approach your CRM team will all franchise related details and doubts.

What is the meaning of the verified tag?

Franchise Discovery verifies a brand based on particulars like logo, trademark, GST, investment plans. Post verification we tag the brand as verified which creates a trust among the investors regarding its authenticity before investing in that brand as a franchise partner.

What is keyword mapping?

We will help you optimize your business listing for relevant keywords so that you can attract more visitors to your website. Keyword mapping is an important part of any SEO strategy. By taking the time to create a keyword map, we can improve our website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more visitors.

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