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Category: Exclusive retailers
Company: Mohan Impressions Pvt. Ltd
Brand Origin: Kolkata
Established Year: 2016
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 300 Sq.Ft
Investment: 4 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 165
Google Rating: 3.9/5

About Us is a leading portal to buy personalized gifts online in India. Presto is a well-established brand in the personalized gifts segment. Choose from a wide range of photo mugs, photo t-shirts, 3D-crystals, photo clocks, picture frames, softies and hundreds of other gifts. Upload pictures, add greeting text , choose your design template and personalize the gifts in easy steps.Every gift item at Presto Gifts can be personalised with Pictures, and Text.

Our product line is divided into Personalized Gifts and Corporate Gifts. We have the unique capability of printing on almost any substrate. Whether it is a Ceramic Mug, or a Wooden Pen, or a T Shirt or a Crystal or Stone, we have very sophisticated machinery that can print great Images on almost all mediums. Even 3D printing inside crystals can be achieved.

One can use the best of custom designed templates pre installed at the Presto Gifts online store and create wonderful personalized products which are shipped to the buyer absolutely free. Our battery of Customer Service Executives ensure that you have a hassle free experience when you shop with us.

It's a great way of expressing one's emotions and values in a relationship when one Gifts products which are not just off the shelf. They have been specially made just for you. The online customization process is so easy to use that even young children can operate. We hope you enjoy the whole personalization process on the site and create wonderful products for your loved ones. Come, use the Power of Personalisation and add a bit of you in every gift.

Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type Gumasta
Main Product Gifts
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Kolkata, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially
GST No 19AACCM2067N1Z3

Franchise Model

  SOHO Mini Store Small Store Large Store Exclusive Brand Outlet
Technical Equipments INR 67000 INR 67000 INR 114500 INR154500 INR 871500
Display Inventory INR150000 INR75000 INR 250000 INR 350000 INR 400000
Initial Blank Raw Materials   INR100000 INR 300000 INR 400000 INR 550000
Security Deposite - - INR 50000 INR 75000 INR 75000
Franchise Fee INR 100000 INR 100000 INR 200000 INR 300000 INR 300000
Total INR 317000 INR 342000 INR 914500 INR 1279500 INR 2196500

Products / Services


1.1 Birthday Gifts
1.2 Anniversary Gifts
1.3 Personalised Gifts
1.4 Corporate Gifts
1.5 Occasions Gifts
1.6 Home Decor
1.7 Caricatures & Miniatures
1.8 Gift Combos

Agreement & Training

Agreement 5 year
Renewal yes
Traning Brand

Support / Responsibility


Pre Opening

1.1 Assistance in site selection 

1.2 Assistance in store Fit-outs

1.3 Staff Appointment and staff Training on continuous basis

Post  Opening

1.1 Door delivery

1.2 Smart Gift Finder

1.3 Robust loyalty program

1.4 5% of monthly sales towards 



1.1 Advertisement

1.2 Exhibitions 

1.3 Celebrity visits

Cost Bifurcation

  Mini Store Small Store Large Store EBO
Freight Inward INR 60000  INR 200000 INR 320000 INR 400000
Employee Cost INR 216000 INR 504000 INR 504000 INR 840000
Sales Incentive     INR 96000 INR 120000
Rent INR 240,000 INR 480000 INR 960000 INR 1200000
Electricity INR 60000 INR 96000 INR 96000 INR 120000
Telephone Expenses - INR 24000 INR 30000 INR 36000
Discount on Institutional Sales -   INR 960000 INR 120000
Printing & Stationery - INR 120000 INR 150000 INR 240000
Miscellaneous INR 60000 INR 120000 INR 150000 INR 240000
Total Overheads (C) INR 636000 INR 1544000 INR 3266000 INR 3316000



1.1 All products are 100% customized

1.2 Customisation done in just 30 minutes at the store itself while the customer waits

1.3 A range of 600 products covering categories like

1.4 Minimum personal involvement for the franchise owner

1.5 Total hand holding- from concept to commissioning.

1.6 Flexible franchise plans to suit every market and investment profile.



Brand Origin


Expansion City

Bhopal, Indore, Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, Gandhinagar, Mumbai, Nashik , Pune , Kanpur, Kolkata

Existing City

Mumbai, Kolkata

Blocked City




Address: Mohan Impressions Pvt Ltd. 79 New Jessore Road,Ganganagar, Kolkata 700 132.

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