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Brand policy

1) What are the terms of free listing?

As per the policy of Franchise Discovery, the free listing is available for 6 months for any company, and then an automated extension takes place until Franchise Discovery decides to stop the extension of the free listing. However, if Franchise Discovery wishes to stop the free-listing, the same would be intimated/notified to the company/brand 3 months prior.

2) How many enquiries will I get for a free listing?

At Franchise Discovery, 10% to 15% of total inquiries were sent to free listing brands, which is on a rotational basis. We cannot commit any dedicated numbers in the free listing. For enquiry, If you need any dedicated number or commitment then you go for a paid membership.

3) What are the terms of the subscription?

Franchise Discovery follows specific terms for the subscriptions. Please reach out to our sales team so that they will answer your queries and explain everything in detail to create a better understanding.

4) Any hidden fees apart from the subscription?

Franchise Discovery has another product we deal in consulting for brands apart from the subscription. But in the subscription model, there is no hidden cost- like commission, etc.

Franchise Discovery never charges any hidden fee directly or indirectly.

5) Do you charge any money after the closing?

Franchise Discovery never charges any kind of closing fee, commission fee, or booking fee.

6) How do you promote my brand on social media?

Franchise Discovery has a dedicated team working on social media that will promote your brand according to your subscription package.

7) How do you provide the leads?

Franchise Discovery is a leading online portal for franchisee and distributor prospects searching online brands. Investors come to our portal to for searching brands according to their interests and fill out enquiry form. Our team verifies the registered investors and shares details through an automated system.

8) How do you verify the investor?

Franchise Discovery follows specific parameters to cross-verify the investor's details. And for more details connect with our Brand Development team.

9) How do you match the investor interest with the brand's interest?

Franchise Discovery functions with software/tools which match the brand’s and investor’s interest and share it in an automated way.

10) How do you provide the lead according to the location?

Franchise Discovery is a digital platform where we have investors who do enquiry across India. That is how we are able to process leads for every location.

11) How many types of listings do you have?

Franchise Discovery offers a few types of listing such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Star, and leading Brands packages.

12) Do you charge any amount for a home page listing?

Franchise Discovery charges for listing on the home page but the amount is included in the package. There are no extra charges for the home page listing separately.

13) Do you charge any amount for the top 5 listings on the category page?

Franchise Discovery charges for mapping of top 5 categories on the detail page.

14) Are you selling my brand data to a 3rd party?

Franchise Discovery does not sell any data to any third party.

15) Do you provide the website?

Franchise Discovery provides subdomain websites like

16) If I do not renew my subscription then will the subdomain page be deleted or converted to a free listing?

If the renewal of the subscription is not done, then the sub-domain page shall be converted to a free listing.

17) If I am not getting your subscription but I want to market my brand through Franchise Discovery?

Franchise Discovery will not be able to market your Brand, in such a scenario you can get a free listing. "T&C apply

Investor Policy

1) How do I connect with the brand?

Visit and submit the enquiry form. After that, the Franchise Discovery team will have a conversation to understand your query and within a second you will get brand details in the email and your data will be received by Brands.

2) Do you share my data with the brand?

Yes, your relevant information will be shared with Brands.

3) Do you sell my data to a 3rd party?

No, we do not sell any data to any third party.

4) Do you charge any fees?

Currently, Franchise Discovery is not charging any fee. If we charge any fee you will be pre-notified.

5) Do you use my data for marketing and branding?

Yes, but we do promotions only about the brands for further updates and opportunities.

6) How many brand details will get in a single inquiry?

As per policy, for up to 5 brand details, you will get a single enquiry.

7) What are the details I will get about the brand?

You will get details like - Brand Name, Contact Person, Email ID, Phone number, and online catalog link.

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