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Who will finalize franchise Location?

Franchise location is mostly finalized by brand, but as a franchisee, you will have a better understanding of the local customer’s behavior and demands.You have to share your inputs so that the technical team of the brand analyze and then decide the location. For more information please check the link.

Does franchise business need experience or not?

There is no mandatory criteria of experience required in the franchise business.However, it is recommended that if you have basic work experience it will be easier for you to understand the business, and carry out the operations. For more information please check the link.

What is the meaning of Area Developer in Franchise Business?

In franchise business, the role of an area developer is to develop the brand in that location along with checking on the logistics, stock, marketing and supply etc.For more information please check the link. For more information please check the link.

Master Franchise?

Master franchise is a kind of business model where you work at par with the brand. In Master franchise a detailed knowledge of experience, your skills has to be there.Master franchisee takes the responsibility to grow the brand at few locations within a territory and help grow the business.For more information please refer to the link.

How To Franchise/Distribute Your Brands?

To franchise your brand, first you need to analyze whether it is in a position to be extended for franchising.Then document work needs to be taken care of.There are many other parameters to franchise the brand.

Why do 90 % of startups fail in India?

90% startups fail in India due to lack of innovation, lack of proper planning, technical problems, copying existing business, lack of marketing, wrong location and for detailed information please check the link.

What are franchising law in India?

Franchise laws of India are the laws that are mandated to be followed by the franchisor and franchisee when they agree to associate in the franchise business for more watch video.For more information please check the link.

When Brand is ready to come to the Franchise/Distributor Industry?

A brand is ready to come to the franchise/distributor industry when it has consistently performed well in business with a growing trend and meeting all parameters of business.

My brand's trademark is under process. May I franchise this business?

It is advised not to franchise with a business whose trademark is still under process to avoid unnecessary risks.

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