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Category: Early education
Company: Smartkidz Educare Global Pvt Ltd
Brand Origin: Secunderabad
Established Year: 2008
Business Type: Pre-School
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 6-9 Month
Area: 2000 Sq.Ft
Investment: 8 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 200
Google Rating: 4.6

About Us

SMARTKiDZis a rapidly growing chain of Pre-Schools making its presence not only in Pan India but globally too. To date, Smartkidz has 285+ Centres in Pan India and has an ambition of reaching 350 Centres by end of the Academic year. Smartkidz Educare Global Private Limited has been awarded 5th rank for “Best practices in Franchising for Preschools” and “Innovation in Preschool Education” by World Education Summit 2014 Inspired by the Waldorf and Montessori methodology, the course curriculum and syllabus cater to the overall development of the child through age-appropriate learning activities, preparing them thoroughly for the next stage of their schooling. This method channelizes the energy levels of the children with a view to helping them get the best from themselves by developing the thinking process in every child.
At SMARTKiDZ we ensure that children learn as effectively and efficiently as possible in a caring and friendly environment where equal consideration is given to Social, Physical, Emotional,
Spiritual and Intellectual development and where children are well equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type
Main Product Fine Motor Co-ordination,Music and Movement,Creative Arts,Self-control and Social skills
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Secunderabad, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Preschool
Space 2000- 3000Sqft
Learning partner Fees INR 2.25 Lacs
Classroom Furniture INR 1.35 Lacs
Carpenter Work INR 60K
Painting INR 70K
LCD Projector / Screens / etc. INR 45K
Civil work (Splash Pool / Sand Pit) INR 30K
Educational Aids / Play Material INR 1 Lacs
Advertisement Expense INR 80K
Computer & Printer INR 15K
CCTV Set up INR 20K
Total Investment (Approx) INR 8.21 Lacs
Model FOFO
Royalty 15%

As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Products / Services

1.1 Ball Room
1.2  Activity Room
1.3 Mind Room
1.4 Dining Room
1.5 Doll Room
1.6 Indoor Play Room
1.7 Class Room
1.8 Outdoor Play Area
1.9 Sand Pit
1.10 Splash Pool
1.11 Fun Day
1.12 Art & Craft Workshops
1.13 Color Day
1.14 Affordable Fee Structure
1.15 Annual Day / Convocation Day
1.16 Open Day Celebration
1.17 Modern Teaching Aids
1.18 Workshops on Positive Parenting
1.19 Picnic & Educational Excursions

Agreement & Training

Agreement 5 years
Agreement renewable charges INR 50 K
Training Brand
Training place Head office
Number of Staff 10

Support / Responsibility

1.1  Setup Support.
1.2 Support in supplying Educational Aids.
1.3  Support in supplying class Room Furniture & Fixtures.
1.4  Corporate Publicity & Promotions
1.5  Teachers / Counselor training.
1.6 Weekly Lesson Plan Support
1.7 Curriculum, Syllabus & Activity Sheets.
1.8 Festivals & Celebration Support.
1.9 Day to Day Support as Required.
1.10 Supply of Admission Kits & Uniforms at a reasonable price.
1.11 Center Head Training
1.12 In Connect with Parents through Mobile App


Brand will guide Franchise for Marketing

Cost Bifurcation

1. Rent INR Rs. 30,000
2. Teachers’ Salary INR 21,000 (7,000 X 3)
3. Ayahs’ Salary INR 8,000 (4,000 X 2)
4. Telephone Bill INR 2,000
5. Electricity Bill INR 2,000
6. Maintenance INR 3,000
7. Security INR 3,500
8. Advertisement Expenses INR 6,000
Total Monthly Expenditure INR 75,500
Total Yearly Expenditure INR 9,06,000 (75,500 x 12 months)


- Association with a Reputed Brand.
- Low Investment with High Returns.
- Quick Start-Up.
- No Prior Experience Required.
- Excellent Support & Service.
- All Necessary Assistance and Training to Set up and Start off.
- Effective Advertising, Promotion, and Publicity Support.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune , Sambalpur, Lucknow, Bhuj, Delhi, Godhra, bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Baroda

Existing City


Blocked City


We welcome you to our fun-filled world of excitement and earning. We invite you to enter into a highly profitable industry in Education where the growth prospects are very high. Education was and
will remain the top priority for parents and Pre-School education is the beginning of it.
Individuals who value the importance of education and who can offer their time and investment can make a big difference. It is a privilege to be a part of a child’s life and make a big difference that will last long. Such an experience surely touches your heart and gives you a sense of fulfillment each and every moment. You can have a rewarding experience by being closely associated with
SMARTKiDZ Pre-School.

Mr. Satya Srikoti


Address: Plot#13, Ground floor, Dwarakamai Heights, Ravi Coperative Society, Tirumulgherry, Secunderabad - 500 015

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