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Little Elly

Category: Formal education
Company: Learning Edge India
Brand Origin: Bengaluru
Established Year: 2004
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 22-30 Months
Area: 3000 Sq.Ft
Investment: 15 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 100
Google Rating: 4.5/5

About Us

Back in 2004, Mr. Vittal and Ms. Preeti Bhandary were, as young parents, on the lookout for an outstanding preschool for their little daughter. While they did come across a few good play schools & nurseries in the neighborhood, none of them seemed to offer a holistic early education program that every child needs in order to discover a natural love for learning and to spark off overall personality development.

As a passionate kindergarten teacher with a penchant for innovation herself, Preeti, cheered on by her husband Vittal, decided to conceptualize and dream up a preschool herself.

 “Little Elly” was born, as a flagship brand of Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd, an entity synonymous with education in Bangalore.

Little Elly is one of the premier preschool chains in India, and a much-loved one, known for its developmentally enriching & fun learning spaces for toddlers and early learners getting ready for big school, with over 130+ centers all over India, with overseas footprints in Kathmandu (Nepal) & Seattle (USA).

Little Elly continues to grow every day, enriching the lives of pre-schoolers in various parts of the country and abroad, striving to foster in-depth skills and an everlasting passion for learning in children, nurturing them along the way through their growth journey as they gear up to take on the challenges of grade school. And, the school of life.

Ownership Type LLP
License Type
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Bengaluru, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement

Franchise Model

Franchise investment details
Business Type Pre-School
Space 3000 sq.ft and above
Setup Cost INR 12 Lacs
Franchise Fee INR 3 Lacs
Total Investment INR 15 Lacs
Model FOFO
Royalty 15%
ROI 25%

Agreement & Training

Agreement term 5 years
Agreement renewable Charges apply on performance basis
Training Brand
Training through Virtual

Support / Responsibility


1.1 Operations & Marketing Support
1.2 Vender Sourcing & Support
1.3 Monthly Audits
1.4 Curriculum Support
1.5 Pre- Launch & Post- Launch Support
1.6 Teacher Recruitment & Training 
1.7 Property Search
1.8 Induction & Training for the Franchisee


Operations & Marketing Support from Brand.


Why Franchise With Us?
Here’s why over 130+ franchisees across the country covering over 15+ cities would vouch for the immense opportunities, partnering with Little Elly can bring your way:
1.1 Low Investment with Assured Returns
1.2 Operations & Marketing Support
1.3 Vendor Sourcing and Support
1.4 Monthly Audits
1.5 Curriculum Support
1.6 Pre-Launch & Post-Launch Support
1.7 Teacher Recruitment & Training
1.8 Property Search
1.9 Induction & Training for the Franchisee

1.1 Benefits of investing in the Little Elly Preschool Franchise?
“Little Elly” is widely acknowledged as one of the best “preschool franchises in India”. and has close to two decades of experience in imparting quality and world-class early learning environment for little learners spreading the “Joy of learning” in India and abroad. The experience and legacy of “Little Elly” would definitely benefit you in investing in our Franchise.

1.2 How do I get a franchise of playschool?
Ans: After a preliminary meeting, presentation and proposal, we move to the stage of finding the best location, helping you in the center, setting up a marketing strategy and operational support, inquiry handling, fee management, curriculum, and teacher training. We will work as one team on a day-to-day operational basis to support all your requirements.

1.3 How much time does it take to set up a franchise school? Ans: It may take 40-60 days to set up a new center depending on the state of the property identified. All the design and infrastructure support will be provided by the “Little Elly” team.

1.4 Is preschool a profitable business?
Ans: Yes, early child care and early learning businesses are considered to be evergreen and profitable for the founders. We believe that partners who involve themselves in the business and closely work with the school staff are the ones who gain the maximum benefits from their investments.

1.5 What qualifications do you need to open a preschool?
The qualification requirements are very basic and mostly you will qualify if you have a passion for early child care and early learning. Our expert team will help you set up the preschool and help you run the business with a lot of guidance as and when required.

1.6 How much investment is required to open a Franchise preschool?
Ans: Around 12-15 lakh should be required to start a well-established pre-school franchise with “Little Elly”.

1.7 I am new to running a Playschool franchise, how will I learn to manage the day-to-day operations at my new Pre-School?
Over the last 16-plus years, our founders have supported numerous first-time entrepreneurs and helped them succeed in the preschool business. We totally understand the preschool business is new to you. We provide you end-to-end assistance and a widely successful franchise partnership program with our most user-friendly operational procedure with all the required training, and easy-to-understand manuals guiding you through handling inquiries to accounts keeping covering all the important aspects of preschool operational needs.

1.8 Will you manage the Preschool after taking the Franchise?
Ans: We have franchise support teams that are engaging with the franchise owners, teachers, and staff on a regular basis to ensure all the support is provided to them on an ongoing basis. The management of the business is expected to be owned by the franchise owner.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Indore, Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati

Existing City

Mysore, Shimoga, Pune , Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Tirupati, Hosur, Vijaypara, Mangalore

Blocked City


What It Takes To Become A Little Elly Franchise
1.1 Investment of INR 10 to 12 Lacs
1.2 Area about 2000 sqft and above
1.3 Decent Sized Indoor/Outdoor Play Area
1.4 Good Visibility & Approach Road
1.5 Any Property of Ground or + 1 Level
1.5 Ample / Painted Building Elevation

What Makes Us Special (Teacher's Training)

1.1 Experienced and skilled faculty.
1.2 Training in a school environment.
1.3 Optimal batch size with flexible timings.
1.4 Online programs for working teachers.
1.5 MIP – Monitored Internship Program.
1.6 100% placement assistance.

Mr. Amit Tiwari


Address: 2, Honeydew Mansion, 14th main, HSR Layout, sector 7, Banglaore-102

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