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Icon pre - School

Category: Formal education
Company: ICON Nurturing Innocence
Brand Origin: Gajiyabad
Established Year: 2005
Business Model: FOCO
ROI: 9-12 Months
Area: 500 Sq.Ft
Investment: 15 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 50
Google Rating: 4.7/5

About Us

Founded in 2005 with the MISSION TO NURTURE THE INNOCENT MINDS, ICON preschool is an ISO 9001:2015 certified professionally managed organization. At ICON, we understand the need for High standards of learning at the most important stage of their lives, and hence, we have designed our curriculum in such a way that holistic development of each child is ensured. We aim to create a “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”, where We focus on learning instead of teaching. We are only

Preschool in India with structured curriculum based on NCF-2005. We use different techniques and pedagogies of learning which include Reggio Emilio, High Scope, 21st Century, Montessori to name a few. Our main focus is to develop a robust system to ensure holistic development of our little ICONites.

At ICON, pursuit of our principles is the main forte which is seen in every aspect of the childcare we provide. This incorporates the eco-friendly infrastructure we design, the professional staff we employ, the quality of meals we serve and the policies and procedures to which we adhere. Most importantly, we also involve parents through different workshops/orientation on a regular basis for the development of each child. We make use of the various concepts like Doll House, Mini Zoo, Farm house, Ball Pool, concept tree, Music corner, smart classes for conceptual learning. The entire premises have a complete security system with CCTV surveillance. We are also using advanced technologies like mobile applications as a tool to connect directly with our Parents.


1.1 Transformation of the Child:

  •   To help children to discover their talents and skills to grow physically and intellectually

  •    To provide them with a safe and joyful learning environment

1.2 Transformation of the Society:

  •  Children are imparted with education for life. Our mission is to allow children to become independent, inquisitive & caring members of the society.


  •  Nurture Innocent mind

  • Instill values in tiny tots

  •  To make preschool education meaning full

  • To make parents/ society/ community to understand and accept the value of this preschool education.


Development of the child Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child's intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment. Transformation of the society Children are imparted with education for life. Our mission is to allow children to become independent, inquisitiveand caring members of the society.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type LLP
License Type
Main Product    Concept Development, Fine Motor Co-ordination, Formal Work Preparation, Music and Movement, Mathematical concepts, Field Trips
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Gajiyabad , India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Pre School
Space  1500- 2000 Sqft
Setup Cost  INR 12 to14 Lacs
Franchise Fee  INR 3 to 6 Lacs
Total Investment    INR 15 to 20 Lacs
Model FOCO
Break even point  3 to 6 months
ROI  40%
Profit Margin  50-60%

Products / Services

  •    Concept Development
  •    Fine Motor Co-ordination
  •    Formal Work Preparation
  •    Music and Movement
  •    Creative Arts
  •    Mathematical concepts
  •    Field Trips

Agreement & Training

Training & Agreement Details
Training Brand
Training through Regular, Periodic
Agreement term Lifetime
Agreement renewable No renewable charges

Support / Responsibility


  • Starting From Site selection, site visit, and Layout planning of the site.

  • Complete assistance in sourcing of Materials.

  • Complete Curriculum & Academic Support, Specially designed books, teaching Aids, Planners, Activity Sheets, Circulars, etc.

  • Extensive initial training of franchisee, branch head, and teachers by experts.

  • Brand Building and marketing support which includes digital marketing like Google AdWords, Google Display Ads, Social Media campaigns, Facebook campaigns, Newspaper ads, electronic Media advertisements Etc.

  • Interior & Exterior Designs, Color scheme, Branding, Artwork & Designs.

Pre Launch Support

  • Our support starts from searching for a suitable place for you to start ICON preschool.

  • We help you design the layout of the school i.e. how We can convert a residential house into a Pre-school.

  • We help you in the development, Interior & Exterior Designs, Color scheme, Branding, Artwork & Design, development and provide you right manpower at a reasonable price.

  • We help you in sourcing materials like classroom furniture, play equipment, educational aids, interactive classroom equipment, etc. By introducing to our registered vendors.

  • Pre-launch Marketing Support.

  • Regular suggestions and advice for better and timely infrastructure development.


Marketing & Branding Support

1.1 We help you plan the marketing activities for your branch time to time according to preschool industry requirements.

1.2 We regularly promote our brand ICON to different platform and media like sponsoring events, Awards functions, magazines advertisements etc.

1.3 The digital marketing like Adwords, Google Display Ads, Social Media campaign, Facebook campaign etc will be done by the company, and the enquiry generated through these ads will be shared with the respective branch.

1.4 For all the local marketing, we will always provide artwork and design for the same.



1.1 What will the franchisee territory be and how will it be protected?
We value our relationship with our business partners and so we give them proper space to do the business. The territory normally varies 2-3 km of driving distance from one branch to another. It also depends on the density of the locality.

1.2 What are the margins in this business?

In the preschool business, the expenses are almost static in most cases after breakeven is achieved. The margin may go up to 50-60%, which usually grows to a certain extent year on year.

1.3 What support do you offer beyond the initial training?
First of all, there is no limitation on the training aspect. Whenever any franchisee needs training on some particular topic or subject he or she will get it after consultation with the coordinator. We monitor the performance and progress of the branch on a daily basis through ERP and also through our in-house designed mechanism. We interact with the franchisee immediately and support them until the situation is back to normal or routine. We have a much-organized setup for franchise operations and the person responsible for that particular branch submits reports on a regular basis. In the worst-case scenario where the franchisee is not progressing in terms of the number of admissions, etc., we take over the operations with the mutual consent of the franchisee.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Faridabad District, Jammu, Mumbai, Pithoragarh, Meerut, Delhi, Gurugram, Rudrapur, Gajiyabad

Blocked City



We believe every child is a unique and competent learner. We focus on each area of development like physical, cognitive, social, educational and emotional. Our program is designed to stimulate creativity and self-discovery.

Mr. Ritesh Singh


Address: NS-2, Sector-12, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad UP. ( Delhi/NCR) INDIA

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