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Dr Bubbles is popping bubbles all the way

Dr Bubbles is popping bubbles all the way

Bubble Tea is the name given to the wide variety of refreshing flavored fruit teas and milk
teas served ice cold or piping hot with cherry natural tapioca balls that you suck through a
straw. Bubble teas are widely accepted by the youth in India, which is why popular
hangouts like Tealive, Tea Trails, Eat Thai, Trikaya, Lemon Leaf and Wok Express, offer
bubble teas to their customers.
One brand that stands out is Dr Bubbles Chai Specialist. Launched by Adnan Sarkar, who
started with 2 outlets in Mumbai. The popularity saw the brand expanding into many
outlets through franchises.
The Dr Bubble Chai Specialist Outlet at Mumbai's Hill Road, Bandra, source their ingredients
from an array of international location- tapioca from Taiwan, the bubbles from the UK and the
jelly from Thailand. But Sarkar has customized by adding fruit jelly and fruit-flavored
poppers to his milk and fruit teas, to appeal to Indian tastes and palate. He has also
introduced a special ‘chai’ flavored variety.
Touted as one of the fast-growing brands, Dr Bubbles has signed upto 30 franchises and
plans to expand to 100 franchises and go global.
Here’s wishing the brand quick success.

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