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After Digital inspection we also do a thorough manual inspection for you which are meticulous and articulate in its approach. It is a thorough inspection done in order to ensure that the franchise you choose to open at a given location will run successfully or not. This manual inspection helps the franchisee to make a decision and get foresight of the profit and loss of his franchise in that area.

Manual inspection is done on various grounds like our team will look into several factors which will affect your business in that area. These factors are the neighboring restaurants, café, dessert shop or bakery and what is their price range and how well they work. This will give us an idea of how much the customers residing in that particular area are willing to spend and we can set our price range accordingly. It will also give us an idea of that particular area customer’s disposable income and affordability helping us in the long run.

During Manual inspection we also look into our competitors in that area and analyze their brand.  This gives us an advantage because we know how well that restaurants is doing, we have a good knowledge of our customers, their ambience and interiors will also give us an idea of what kind of theme do the customers residing or visiting the brand like.

The other factor we look into during manual inspection is the traffic in the area you’re looking to open your franchise in. The traffic here means an examination of what kind of crowd resides or visits there in majority. The residential area type and the presence of corporate offices. All of these factors give us an insight on variety of decisions like how pricey should your dishes be, how much are these customers willing to spend depending on the residential area and the corporate offices types, what kind of interior and ambience would be the most suitable. What is the business culture existing in that particular area.

We also consider the timings and population of that street or area. Like an analysis of the peak hours and when the traffic is the lowest in that area and when it is moderate. Other than this there are several other factors considered and looked into during manual inspection and then a detailed report provided to you so you don’t have to worry about anything and can confidently set up your franchise.

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