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Digital Survey means an online exploration into the geographical and physical features of a particular area you might want to set up your franchise at. This aspect of the survey is taken care of by us. Our team analyzes the growth and behavior of the customers in a particular chosen area and then inspects it. Before investing in a franchise the location is the most important aspect and thus a digital survey is significant. During a Digital Survey, the things that are analyzed for a perfect location which benefits the clients are the traffic in the particular area, behavior and amount of crowd driven at peak hours and otherwise, competitor analysis.

Besides these major factors, we also analyze things like which food and beverage item are doing well in that area and which is extremely popular and how well accepted will be the food category you want to introduce in that area. The other important factor is analyzing what kind of crowd lives there, how many people are outsiders residing there. All of these factors are examined which gives a fair idea of how successfully will your franchise run there. Franchise Discovery provides an articulate report on Digital Survey which has inspected and thoroughly analyses the location with its pros and cons you want to set up your franchise in.

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