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Why location matters while starting a food franchise in India?

Why location matters while starting a food franchise in India?

There are many factors that go into making a franchise business a huge success and location is one of them. Location plays an important role in deciding the demographics that will come to your establishment. Let’s make a list of the points on how to make the location work for your franchise.

Neighbourhood matters

Neighbourhoods decide what kind of people are living there. When you choose a location, make sure to find out beforehand if the people in that area are going to take a shine to your product. Customer surveys and focus groups will give you an idea if this is so. People’s choice of products often depends upon the geographic region.

Good facilities/amenities

It’s important to note if the area has 24 hours running water and an unlimited power supply. Also find out if parking is easily available for your potential customers, so that they can pop in quickly for a quick visit.

Commercial angle

If you choose to open your franchise in a commercial area that attracts a good customer base and trade establishments, make sure to get right marketing. People in commercial areas might have requirement that will differ with the requirements of personal usages. Make sure to customise your sales team accordingly.

Check out the competition

If there are too many franchises in the same industry, you might want to check the competition. The area may be conducive to business, or the market could be saturated, either way review other franchises and businesses to figure out where you will stand.

Ask for Franchisor Help

Your franchisor will have a sea of knowledge and can help you in choosing the right location and floor plan for your business. Also, since the franchisor has been in the business for some time, he will have access to a legal team and realtors who can help you set up your franchise.


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