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Ice-cream business franchise opportunity in India

Ice-cream business franchise opportunity in India

India’s ice-cream market has been booming in the last few years the ice-cream industry is said to double its turnover between 2019-2021 from approximately $1.5 million (10.2 Cr) to$ 3.4 million (23 Cr). Due to more disposable income available with people and the entry of foreign ice-cream brands with ingenious concepts the ice-cream industry is looking towards tremendous growth in the Food and Beverages market. Customers are drawn more and more towards ice-creams as their choice of desserts especially during the summer season which is filled with days of scorching heat and are hunting for new, fresh flavors and concepts when it comes to ice-cream. The ice-cream industry is trending with ideas like Charcoal Ice-creams, Cold Stone Ice creams, nitrogen Ice creams, etc. For this very reason investing in an ice-cream franchise seems like a lucrative business opportunity at the given moment.

At Franchise Discovery we have partnered with a number of delicious and creative ice-creams brands and each one is unique in its own way and flavors! Listed below are the brands which are associated with Franchise Discovery and are super popular in the market right now having a loyal customer base.

  1. Shahi Durbar – This brand sells some of the most unique ice-creams like Kulfi sundaes, ice-cream with fresh cream and even sugar-free kulfi. Besides that, they are also known as “The Falooda King” Their desserts are a rage amongst the crowd.

Space – 350 sqft

Investment – 25 lakhs

ROI – 12-14 months


  1. IFruit – It has nearly 50 outlets across major cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, etc. and they are running quite successfully. IFruit sells some of the most unique concepts in ice-creams which you can never get bored of, like Ice cream cake fusions, Waffle ice-cream sandwich, Honeybell mawa cake ice-cream fusion. These unique desserts make you want to visit them more than once.

Space – 250 sqft.

Investment – 7 lakhs.

ROI – 16 months.

  1. Flavour Stones – is a brand that serves live, cold stove, fresh and the most unique flavored ice-creams in the market. Its menu consists of Charcoal ice-creams, mini sundaes, thrilling nitro rings, and stick, and savory food items like Maggic, Nachos, Panini, Pizzas and much more. Not only can you have your desserts craving fulfilled but indulge in the delicious fast food they serve.

Space – 300 sqft.

Investment – 20 lakhs.

ROI – 12 months.


  1. 51 Rainbows – Running 56 outlets in PAN India serves decadent desserts with a huge menu to select the choice of your dessert according to your mood. Its menu consists of desserts like Thick shakes, Live log, and roll ice-creams (which has 6 different categories to choose from), Freak shakes, Faludas, diabetic friendly ice-cream option, Smoothies, and Super Sundaes.

Space - 200 sqft. - 400 sqft.

Investment - 15 lakhs - 18 lakhs

Roi – 10- 12 months


  1. Brain Freeze – Been in business for over 35 years Brain Freeze sells exotic ice-cream flavors making handcrafted ice-creams with the finest and best quality ingredients. They use organic milk derived directly from the cows so their ice-creams taste milkier and tastier. Their menu consists of a variety of ice-creams which look pleasing as well, like Ice-cream bars where you can select your base and toppings, freak shakes, sundaes – all uniquely made, and a variety of flavors mixed together.

Space – 250 sqft.

Investment – 16-18 lakhs

ROI – 18-21 months


  1. The Ice-Cream Bakery – Is successfully running its 5 outlets in Mumbai and has quickly become a popular brand. They make live delicious ice-creams in front of their customers without any artificial color or flavors. They have a number of ice-creams which they make live from actual ingredients in seasonal flavors ice-creams like Chiku, Watermelon, Papaya- Pineapple and many such fruits. Other than that they also have Ice-cream cakes, TIB mashups, and many more flavors to choose from.

Space – 250 sqft.

Investment – 25 lakhs

ROI – 18-24 months


  1. Dairy Don –Has been an established name since it originated in 1984 and is known for its delectable taste and fine quality. Its franchise is designed in a chic manner and they serve gelato in over 10 flavors, Slice of ice-creams in an array of flavors, thick shakes, and cold cocos.  It has a flavor for everyone. Dairy Don has been a crowd pleaser and has a loyal customer base.

Space – 250 sqft – 850 sqft

Investment – 12 – 20 lakhs

ROI – 18- 24 months


  1. IceKraft – Serves ice-creams and desserts in the most unique way. It is quite popular amongst the youth due to its way of serving the ice-creams and its distinctive and fresh taste which has impressed the customers. It has ice-creams like Strawberry Cheesecake, dA- mint, dark orange fest, etc. It also has a ‘black range’ of ice-creams, waffles, and Pancakes prepared in a number of different ways. Besides this, it also serves Freak shakes, DIY ice-creams, burgers, and salads. It is presented and served in a way you can’t resist it.

Space – 300 sqft.

Investment – 21 lakhs.

ROI – 12 months.


  1. Gelato  Italiano – It has redefined the ice-cream in the most delicious way. It serves the most delicious, milky and creamy and smooth ice-creams. Essentially wanting to give people in India a taste of gelato (Italian ice-cream) Gelato has been on a spree of impressing people with its incredibly unique and consistent taste. Its menu has flavors like Madagascar chocolate, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, Pink Guava, Belgian Chocolate, Royal Kulfi, and many such refreshing flavors. It is now an international brand and second most important after espresso and cappuccino.

Space – 200 sqft

Investment – 7-8 lakhs.

ROI – 15 months.


  1. -301 F – Not only does this brand serve delicious ice-creams but it has a fast food menu too which makes it an ideal place to get a fix for your savory and sweet cravings. A place that is cozy and comely to hang out with friends and family. Their USP is live, cold stone ice-creams. Its menu has various ice-creams like fruit flavors, chocolate flavors and specials like – Paan masala, Hongkong Coffee, Thandai Special which you cannot miss out on. Their food menu includes Funky Fries, Pita pockets, pizzas, etc.

Space – 400 sqft.

Investment – 18 lakhs.

ROI – 14-16 months.


  1. The Frozzen Hut and The Waffle Hut- Serve live fruit ice-creams and freshly baked waffles to the customer's demand. They Frozzen Hut serves desserts in a cone bowl/ cone boat in different colors like black, brown and red. It has a black range of ice creams and over 10 flavors of ice-creams. Besides this, they also serve unique dishes like nitro wafers, cheese nitro balls, nitro cookies, and waffles.

Space –300 sqft.

Investment – 10 lakhs.

ROI – 15-18 months


  1. Wow! Nitrogen Ice Cream Magic – This brand has something for everyone. It serves an array of flavors and nitrogen ice-creams which will satisfy all of the customers. It specialized and focuses only on providing the best ice-creams to its customers. Wow! Ice-creams has 22 flavors in each of its 4 categories and 24flavors in Dragon’s Breath (nitrogen) ice creams.

Space – 500 sqft.

Investment – 20 lakhs

ROI – 2 years


  1. Wow! Stone Ice-cream – Another one from the Wow! The brand is the cold stone ice—creams. Made from hand-picked ingredients like fruits, chocolates, candies, and cakes. They have Sundaes and Super sundaes in their menu. They also have chocolate bars in flavors like a caramel latte, candy mix in, etc. and Fruit Mix in unique flavors like vanilla and pineapple, caramel crunch, etc.
  2. Space – 500 sqft.
  3. Investment – 20 lakhs
  4. ROI – 2 years

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To know more about the lucrative business opportunities in Ice-cream brands please contact our Franchise Consultants +91  8097207796

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