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First time in India "Authentic Turkish Ice Cream"


The term Ice cream is derived from the word “cream ice” which means chilled sugary food consumed as a dessert. This yummy snack is made with milk, dry fruits, fruit flavors, whipped cream, cocoa or vanilla. Our beloved ice cream is blended to be absorbed by air spaces and chilled down to be at the refrigerated point of water. And we get the yummylicious soft and mildly thick textured ice cream. There are many names of ice creams worldwide like Frozen dessert, Frozen custard, Frozen yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato, Glace, Ice milk, Tofutti, Sundae, Parfait, Spumoni, Tortoni, Cassata and Mousse etc.


We are the pioneers who inaugurated Turkish Ice Cream in India, serving more than 25 flavors for different palates. Turkish Ice Cream was first made in the early 1600's in the region of Kahramanmaras in Turkey. It's also known as Dondurma and the two qualities distinguish Dondurma that is texture and resistance to melting.


The stress of ice cream syrup being sticky and melting is eliminated as we grant pleasurable taste in each creamy bite. We produce the original Turkish dondurmas with natural ingredients procured from the fields of Istanbul. Turkish dondurmas define the real authenticity. All the ingredients are imported from turkey to remain intact on our real recipes.


We bring to you our Turkish Scoop ice cream which is less distinctively encountered by anyone. Our customary serving is plain ice cream garnished with powdered pistachio and presented with a knife and fork. We have prepared the scoop thick that cannot be scooped with a spoon. But this dense and frozen clump is mellow and dissolves in the mouth satisfying your taste bud as soon as it comes in contact with the warmth of the tongue.


We have come up with innovative technique called as live performance and many more delightful surprises. Our menu comprises of 3 in 1 scoops of Vanilla, Choco chips and Strawberry, Roselyn hazelnut effect, Royal peachy style, Turk kahne, Alphansya, Biscuittino, Blueberry, Bubbly, Choclava, Cookies cream, Cotton candy, Dolce crunch, Fragola, Watermelon sorbet, Whiskeyino, Rocher Dondurma, Royal Caribbean, Strawberry, Turkish coffee, French vanilla, Green apple, Legendary black, Lemon mint, Litchi, Masala chai, Mint choc, Peach and berries and Tiramisu.

About us

Twisting scoops is in collaboration with Maras company having stores all over Turkey and Thailand. Currently we are spreading happiness at several parts of India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune and Surat. The franchise model is available for pan India. The Secret to Maras ice cream is the salep or the dried powdered root of an orchid that grows in Southern Turkey. Salep is what gives this ice cream its incredible creamy flavor and also gravity-defying and melt-resistant qualities.


Turkish scoops are the innovative ice cream trick which has been adopted from the Turkish ice cream gimmick. This amusing concept is making people very curious and amusing. So the demand of this fantastic ice cream can be near college areas, beaches, parks, schools, temples and popular eatery joints.

Franchise model investment and benefits

  • Low investment and high ROI.
  • Customized design as per the location and space.
  • One day in store delivery for ice creams and high profit margins on raw material.
  • USP proposition in desserts industry
  • Handholding support from start till end.
  • Professional staff training for best in store customer experience.
  • 100% veg & made in real cow milk.
  • Status symbol owning an international brand franchise.
  • National, Regional and local marketing initiatives for business growth.
  • Investment Starts from 10 lakhs.

Key features

  • Bestow visual treat to your eyes with theatrics of the globally famous Turkish ice creams with its Twisting Scoops.
  • Twisting Scoops delivers you with innumerable options to select from.
  • We present with amazing triple scoop of different ice cream flavors for INR 199 and single scoop for INR 149.
  • Our Turk Kahve is made with fine coffee powder with water in special pot called cezve.
  • Our items are captivating, luscious along with chewy texture.
  • All products are at the convenient prices under 500.

Fun and Entertainment

The ice cream jugglers are equipped with some real tricks up their sleeves, they have converted a simple eating scoop experience to a nothing short of a cool gimmicks and theatrical performance. One of our star performers is the three scoop wonder with Coffee, bubblegum and Blueberry piled on top of each other. Our Belgian Chocolate is thick, indulgent and super-satisfying as well. In fact, you can choose your toppings with swirls, sprinkles, syrups and the likes for special effects.


We promise that Twisting Scoops will be your single stop for cheerfulness. Twisting scoops guarantees to be the most wonderful version ofTurkish ice cream brand in India. We are bringing to you an euphoria throughall the way from Turkey with a range of more than 50 flavors and signature Turkish coffee prepared on sand. We assure our consumers that you will not leave the place without having a big smile on your face, because we believe “Hospitality is sincerely ecstatic”.

For Franchisee Consultant on +91 8960150521 |
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