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Why MOMO Franchise is the best choice?

Why MOMO Franchise is the best choice?

It’s a general human behaviour, to seek options that are quickly available, affordable yet lip smacking. And this has exactly made momo a food that many people love to enjoy eating.

And from business point of view if you see, the set-up arrangements, affordability, mobility, sustainability for long period is on a profitable side.

Overall, if you try to recall and analyse daily activities, you can conclude that momos are such a hit among people of all age irrespective of their financial status- student, tourists, gatherings, office meets etc.

Few key points we highlight here to just show a glimpse of momo being a profitable choice as a franchise business

Affordable: Franchise investment for momo outlets is less. For making momos, set up is minimal.

Risk is low: When investment is moderate, product is in high demand, risk factor becomes low.

No prior experience: To get even the best insights on momo business, experience is not much required.

Easy exit process: In any case the franchisee wants to exit, selling the set up becomes easier as less equipment is involved.

Best Momo franchises in India 2022 are

     Momo’s meal box

Total Investment: 8lakhs  

Space: 150 Sq. Ft

Total franchise: 5    

 Brand origin: Mumbai 

 Business Model: FOFO

     Momo Station

Total investment: 10 Lakhs  

Space: 200 Sq. Ft.  

Total Franchise: 5

Brand origin: Kolkata  

Business Model: FOCO

     Charlie Chang’s

Total Investment: 18 Lakhs  

 Area: 500 Sq. Ft.

 Brand Origin: Jaipur  

 Total franchises: 4

 Model: FOFO

     Momo Nation

Total Investment: 9 Lakhs  

Area: 150 Sq. Ft.

Brand Origin: Delhi  

Total franchises:12

 Model: FOFO

     Marky Momos 

Total Investment: 18Lakhs

Area: 250 Sq. Ft.

Brand Origin: Jaipur  

Total franchises:19

Model: FOFO

     Momo Magic Café

Total Investment: 4.5Lakhs   

Space: 400 Sq.Ft.

Brand Origin: Patna   

Total franchise :47 Business

Model: FOFO


     Y not Momos

Total investment: 11 Lakhs  

Space: 300 sq ft  

No. of franchise :5 

Brand of origin: Jodhpur

Business Model: FOFO 

               Franchise Discovery is happy to help you associate with the best and leading momo franchises in India with updated information and support to solve all your queries to assist you achieve your business project dream come true.


Questions People Ask about MOMO Franchise:

  • Which is the best momo franchise?

At present, Wow Momo is considered to be the best momo franchise in India. Total investment of Wow Momo varies from 8L to 20 L INR.It was established in the year 2008 with 300+ outlets in 16+ cities in India.


  •  Is Wow Momo franchise profitable?

Wow Momo is spread across 16 cities with 300+ outlets is the most profitable momo franchise in India. It leads to high return on investment where you can earn around 70K-90K per months thereby recovering your investment within 8-9months


  •  Are Wow Momo healthy?

Wow Momo has introduced healthy momos that are gluten-free flour, and fortified wheat, also MSG free.


  •  Is momo franchise a profitable franchise?

Yes, momo is one of the most profitable franchises which is growing exponentially in all the cities. The returns are very good and consistently doing well in the market.

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