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Bakery Donuts Franchises

Bakery Donuts Franchises

Who doesn’t love donuts? The sweet bun with a hole in the centre is a crowd favorite ever since it was invented. So many different types of donuts are now available in the market. People love the sweet taste filled with either vanilla or chocolate or strawberry or other assorted flavors it comes in, making it a popular food among the masses.

The famous ring donut is fried and served as a confectionary or dessert. It is made with flour, milk, eggs, sugar, oil, yeast and natural and artificial flavors. Once fried the donut is glazed with sugar coating or icing and sprinkled with fruit bits, sprinkles, chocolate and other things.

Donut franchises are the latest fad and it is catching up in India as well. There are many donut franchises in the market and the number is rising daily. Entrepreneurs and investors are putting their money on donuts in India and globally as well. The market is ripe for such investment and franchises are flying off the shelves. Donut franchises are proliferating in unknown locations as well as everyone wants a piece of the sweet confectionary.

List of bakery donut franchises

Mad Over Donuts (MOD)

These delicious donuts are freshly made on the spot in front of customers. Mad Over Donuts uses only the purest ingredients from around the world. Check out the range of donuts with flavors such as glaze, chocolate, fruits, nuts, and savory. MOD also serves coffee for those who love a cup with their donuts.


Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is famous for its glazed donuts and has been making them from a long time. They also serve coffee and drinks to customers. So the next time you’re here, pick up a glazed chocolate donut and a cup of macchiato. You won’t be sorry.


Donut House

This is the pride of South India and India’s first to serve gourmet donuts along with coffee and other edibles. Donut House has grown to be a reputable donut café in Chennai and other South Indian cities.


Dunkin Donuts

Nothing pairs better with coffee like a donut. Dunkin offers a range of delicious donuts for a lovely evening snack or morning breakfast.


The Donut Baker

The Donut Baker serves a variety of donuts including ring donuts, tart donuts, filled donuts and savory items. Don’t forget the coffee.


Super Donuts

Super Donuts offers an all American deli products and freshly prepared donuts, burgers, wraps, bagels, shakes and so much more.


Why bakery donut franchise?

Donuts forayed into the Indian market 10 years ago. Not only did they find the market difficult, they broke all barriers and pumped up innovations to stay relevant. Now, the market is more open to donut franchises and will accept them with open arms. True, there are many players in the donut sector, but if you choose your brand carefully, you will be successful in your donut franchise.

Donuts and coffee are not natural to the Indian man. Therefore, it will take time for Indians to adjust to the American way of eating donuts. Most Indians eat donuts as a dessert and visit a store because something sweet awaits them. Most Indians equate sweet with something to have after a meal, hence donut franchises will have to compete against the many food franchises that are available in the market.

But despite all that, donut franchises are doing reasonably well. After the initial hiccup of getting customers used to the product, marketers are seeing a growth in donut sales and franchises are opening far and wide in the country. If you are keen on opening a bakery donut franchise, do your homework carefully and choose your location wisely.


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