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The rise in participants and customers will have a significant impact on India's mental and wellness franchise market. We are all aware of the significant increase in disposable income. People are becoming more conscious of their physical and emotional well-being. Digitization is the primary factor in raising awareness to a good level. Within a few years, there will be a greater need for specialists in mental health treatment. An alarmingly large number of people are having mental health problems and are unable to handle the stress of daily living. The main issue is that India only has 5000 psychiatrists, which results in a very high doctor-to-patient ratio. A significant number of mental wellness centers are required due to the alarming increase in mental cases. Herein lies a possible commercial opportunity. In addition to addressing the country's mental health issue, meeting the patients' individual demands in this area would open up the possibility of starting a forward-thinking business. Mental Wellness Center Aadi Tantra has a franchise opportunity where you can be a franchisee and grow your business in mental wellness. The franchise business is a set business and has flourished after undergoing all aspects. So, investing in a franchise is always a better idea as it already has a reputation, customer base, and a ready-made franchise model A quality existence must fundamentally include mental health. The presence of this attribute determines how content a person is with their life. The primary goal of the wellness industry should be to give afflicted people life purpose so that they would feel motivated to continue seeking solutions. The public will be assisted in overcoming the scourge of mental disease by the introduction of new methods to cope with extreme stress. Stress is the precursor of deteriorating mental health. It eventually causes stress, which is followed by despair. Numerous mental health concerns are frequently brought on by childhood troubles and other traumatic events. Increasing knowledge and reducing the competitive atmosphere in modern life would undoubtedly lessen the issue to

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