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If you travel down to any part of the country; you will find Dosa. Dosa is sold from small carts in big restaurants. South Indian food is one of the most famous delicacies in India both taste-wise and health-wise. According to market research, the pandemic has increased customer demand for fresh, healthy foods like idli and dosa, says Musthafa P C, co-founder and CEO of iD Fresh Food. Due to high demand for decades, many food outlets selling dosa have come up and flourishing in the market. These businesses scaled up their operation by providing franchise opportunities. Dosa franchise business costs with various ranges with good profit margins and ROI. You can check the dosa franchise list on our website with the latest information on franchise details. If you decide to take this opportunity and wish to start franchising with dosa franchises in India you can leave us a message. We shall get in touch at the earliest to assist you to understand the franchise business process and connect you directly with brands of your choice.

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