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Preschools have developed a more formal attitude over time, and a new market niche has emerged in the education sector. Over 33,000 formal preschools are currently running successfully in India. Preschool franchises have become one of the most lucrative business prospects in India, with the annual turnover of the preschool industry currently standing at a staggering 25,000 crore rupees. Over the past few years, India's preschool market has experienced consistent growth at a CAGR of more than 20%. This market structure is mostly shifting in favor of the organized sector, which uses the franchise model for a sizable portion of its operations. Industry insiders have noted that the unorganized sector currently retains a share of over 90%, while the organized component only accounts for about 10% of the market. The organized market, however, has been estimated to expand by more than 45% annually. Due to the low cost of franchising, well-known brands in the preschool sector are deciding to use it to increase their market share. Little Elly, Pebbles Preschool, Wow Kids, Khilonewala. Foster kids etc. are the most growing brands. Start franchising now and grow immensely in the most prominent sector. Call us should you need any assistance in understanding the franchise process or to select the best brand as per your budget.

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