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The Story of MBA Chai Wala Has Just Gone Viral!

The Story of MBA Chai Wala Has Just Gone Viral!

A peek into the start of the top leading Chai outlet in India. Your curiosity arises with the brand name depicting association of One of the most reputed degrees MBA and the most soothing and relaxing beverage Chai.

So, let's check what is MBA Chai Wala about and why is it growing rapidly across the country. By the end of this piece, you will have a tremendous understanding of How you can think Big and gain success even though you start from scratch level.

An MBA drop out of the second most renowned Chai Wala across the globe – started by selling Masaledar Garma Garam (Strong piping hot Tea) in the streets of Ahmedabad.

Here goes his inspirational journey-

Prafull Billore, despite all his hard work and efforts, was not able to crack CAT (Common Admission Test) to get into the most premium management institutes in India.

Born in Madhya Pradesh, he dreamt to establish himself as a big and successful businessman.

While he was pursuing his studies in Ahmedabad, he worked in a restaurant as a part-timer. He spoke to a tea seller and decided to set up a tea shop.

He was not experienced yet the zeal in him was high. He could sell only one cup of tea on day 1 after spoiling the milk and adding excess sugar.

Slowly the tea shop was doing well and within a couple of months, he could earn Rs.15000 per month. However, this decision was not accepted by his beloved parents.

"When I didn’t score well in CAT after giving it my all, I was devastated. Frustrated, I decided to take a hiatus & travel. However, parents wanted me to get a degree & weren’t okay with me just taking off,” Prafull told Humans of Bombay.

While his conversation with the chaiwala, an idea sparked, and in no time, he decided that he should open a tapri, and purchase a patila, lighter and chalni.

He was now determined to not look back and put all his efforts into his work. There starts the foundation of MBA Chaiwala 2017 which has made a turnover of 4 crores currently.

Friends too distanced themselves from Prafull, but his determination was strong enough to start the journey alone.

It was very tough for him but he stood up to every failure. His ideas started pulling crowds. He organized open mic sessions and book drives at his setup. People started liking the positive and energetic vibes it included.

On Valentine’s Day, he arranged “Free tea for singles” which was so viral that he got famous. Sooner he started getting orders for wedding parties and other get-togethers.

His consistency, hard work, new learnings, and passion were unstoppable. After 2 years he opened his own café and now has 180 franchises all over.

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