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What is joint Venture | Business | Franchise Discovery

What is joint Venture | Business | Franchise Discovery

A joint venture is a partnership between two or more people that aims to develop one business or project for profit while splitting the associated risks. The joint venture's participants must consist of at least two different natural persons or entities.

Each member of a JV is accountable for the venture's gains, losses, and expenses. The endeavour, however, exists independently of the participants' existing business ventures.

Key points on Joint Venture

1) A joint venture (JV) is an agreement between two or more companies to pool their resources in order to achieve a specific objective.

2) They can adopt any legal form but are a partnership in the common sense of the word.

3) JVs are frequently used to collaborate with a local company to enter a foreign market.

Here are the four main reasons why companies form JVs

Utilizing Resources:

 A JV can benefit from the combined resources of the two businesses to accomplish the venture's objective. While the other firm may have better distribution networks, one company may have an established manufacturing process.

Reduce expenses: 

Through economies of scale, the JV's two companies can increase output at a cheaper cost per unit than they could alone. This is especially pertinent for technological advancements that are expensive to execute. A JV might also save costs by splitting labour or advertising expenses.

To combine skills:

A joint venture (JV) may be formed by two businesses or parties with diverse histories, expertise, or skill sets. Each business can profit from the talent of the other when these two are merged through a JV.

Enter global markets:

JVs are frequently used to collaborate with a local company to enter a foreign market. A corporation can enter into a JV arrangement to supply goods to a local business, taking advantage of an already established distribution network, in order to expand its distribution network to new nations. Due to prohibitions on foreigners entering some markets, a JV with a local company is essentially the only method to conduct business there.

What Are the Main Benefits of Creating a JV?

A joint venture (JV) enables each partner to utilise the resources of the other participant(s) without expending a lot of capital. Once the JV is finished, each company can easily resume its regular business operations while still maintaining its unique identity. The benefit of shared risk is another benefit of JVs.


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