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What is Break Even Point in business and advantages of break even analysis

What is Break Even Point in business and advantages of break even analysis

The break-even threshold is reached when overall costs and total revenues are equal, leaving your small firm with no net benefit or loss. In other words, you've achieved the point in production where the revenue from a product equals the cost of manufacture.


This is a crucial calculation to include in your business plan for every new venture. Potential investors want to know when they may expect a return on their investment as well as the rate at which it will occur. This is due to the fact that some businesses may take years before becoming profitable, frequently losing money in the initial months or years before achieving break-even. Therefore, break-even point is a crucial component of any business plan.


Advantages of break-even analysis.


You may price your products more wisely by determining your break-even point. Pricing involves a lot of psychology, but understanding how it will impact your profitability is just as crucial. Particularly while ensuring that you can cover all of your obligations.

You will know exactly how much you need to sell to turn a profit after the analysis is finished. This establishes sales targets for your company. It will be simpler to follow through if you have a certain number in mind.

After the research is complete, you will know exactly how much you need to sell to make a profit. Your company's sales goals are established as a result. If you have a specific quantity in mind, it will be easier to carry out.

When you're considering a new business idea, it's simple to ignore expenses. Break-even analysis allows you to determine all of your financial obligations, preventing unforeseen expenses in the future.

A break-even analysis is typically necessary before you can borrow money or take on investors to finance your firm. It demonstrates the viability of your idea, which will also make you feel more comfortable seeking finance.

To calculate the break-even point in units we use the formula:
Break-even point (units) = fixed costs ÷ (sales price per unit – variable cost per unit)

The point at which the total cost and total Net Sale are equal. No profit, no loss.


Brands have their own breakeven calculation sheet, which needs to be understood before taking a franchise.


Money In

Net Sales 

INR 286000

Additional income

No Income 

Total income

INR 286000


Money Out

Housing (Rent, mortgage, taxes, insurance)

INR 50000

Product/Food Cost 

INR 90000

Staff Salary 

INR 45000


INR 15000

Third Party Delivery Charge 

INR 66000

Other Expenses ( electricity, packaging, gas etc) 

INR 20000

Total expenses

INR 286000



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