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Chocolate & Candy Franchises

Chocolates and candy are all time favorites of any place in the world. People mostly have a sweet tooth since sugar is addictive. And everybody wants to eat something sweet after their meals. This is why chocolates and candy have become such a hit. Consumption of chocolate and candy per capita has been increasing in India, and new players, both domestic and international, have come into the market.

Chocolate franchise in India is still taking root, and many Indians prefer Indian sweets to the modern foreign chocolate. But this trend is changing. Indians are increasingly gifting chocolate hampers during festivals, and cafes and restaurants are now serving chocolate preparations such as ice creams and shakes.

Chocolate and candy franchises have started in India, and there are many investors lined up. Chocolate stores in India can classify their products under:

  • Single origin chocolates
  • Fair trade chocolates
  • Organic chocolates
  • Imported chocolates
  • Hand-crafted chocolates
  • Gourmet chocolates
  • Exotic chocolates


List of Chocolate & Candy Franchises

Passion Potato

Based in Chennai, Passion Potato whips up delicate chocolates, cakes, breads, cookies and other stuff for a patisserie. They infuse peri peri with their offerings and are famous for their burgeoning clientele. Make sure to try the White chocolate Blueberry cake that’s known to be a hit.


Chocolate Delight

This is a decent place to hangout while having a range of food to savor on. Make sure to try their pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, chocolate shakes, and Chinese fare. If you want to throw a party, they have a discotheque, where you can dance into the night.


Love For Brigadeiro

Love for Brigadeiro is not your regular chocolate shop. They specialize in brigadeiros, which are chocolate truffle balls, handcrafted especially for you. They use fresh and locally-sourced ingredients which make giving this place a thumbs up.


Monte Rosa Foods

Monterosa makes exquisitely handcrafted chocolate the way the Belgians make it, since their chef is trained in Belgium. Their focus is to make Belgian chocolates in India for the Indian consumer. Right from the making to packaging, Monterosa makes sure the budget fits your pocket. 


Zest Blessed Chocolates

Zest Blessed Chocolates is founded by passionate chocolate lovers. They make great handmade exotic chocolates, and are driven to bring innovation into production, design and the way chocolates are eaten in the country. Do try out their premium range of handmade chocolates.


Why Chocolate & Candy Franchises?

Chocolate and candy franchises are on the rise. Specialty chocolate stores add coffee, snacks, and desserts to their menu to cater to a wider group of people. The chocolate industry is growing by the years. The chocolate business has gained momentum in India, and anticipates high growth in the years to come.

Time is ripe to get into the chocolate and candy franchise. Chocolate manufacturer are employing newer technology to make their chocolates and sourcing their cocoa from newer regions.

Luxury or gourmet chocolates are the fastest growing segment in the chocolate industry, and sales are increasing manifold. Entrepreneurs and investors know about this shift in the sweet industry and are going after such franchises. More and more people are getting health-conscious and going for premium chocolates that are freshly made with the least preservatives. Festivals like Christmas and Diwali increase the likelihood of chocolate buying from all quarters. Hence getting into chocolate and candy franchise is the best bet.

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