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Morgan Beverages to Introduce Popular UK-based Cider Brand Sheppy’s in India this Year

Morgan Beverages to Introduce Popular UK-based Cider Brand Sheppy’s in India this Year

IN A bid to introduce the Indian palate to newer Ciders from across the globe, homegrown startup Morgan Beverages has just introduced centuries-old UK based cider brand Sheppy’s to India. Having had established in the UK since 1816, the cider brand has expanded its base further to India.

Due to mark its presence in India in December this year, the cider will be launched through the visit of David Sheppy, Owner of Sheppy’s Cider along with Rohan Nihalani, Founder, Morgan Beverages.

Morgan Beverages was founded with the idea to further thrust the popularity of Apple Cider in India. Exceedingly passionate about the cider, an alcoholic beverage made by controlled fermentation of apple juice, Nihalani has been very keen to share his passion for the cider with the Indian consumers at large.

The cider at Sheppy's is 'Hero ciders’ with 5.5% alcohol content & vegan in their make. They are also gluten-free and contain sulphites for freshness. Available in a 330ml bottle, Sheppy’s Classic Draught Cider is deemed to be the first apple cider to be launched in India by Morgan Beverages.

The Cider, following its launch, will be present at leading restaurants, namely, Slink & Bardot, Olives Bistro, Cafe Zoe, Eddies, Bayview Cafe, Yauatcha, among others.

Sheppy said, “In the United Kingdom we are well established with our premium traditional craft cider and are excited to now bring our award-winning Classic Draught to India.

Cider drinkers around the world are becoming more sophisticated in their tastes and - with 200 years of cider making provenance behind the Sheppy’s brand - we are confident that our cider will appeal to discerning drinkers throughout Mumbai. Cider isn’t very well known in India yet, but we know that our premium, traditional values and deep-rooted Somerset heritage will translate across cultures.”

“We are delighted to be joining Morgan Beverages and Tudor Rose International at the Deputy High Commissioner’s residence in December for the launch to introduce the brand to restaurateurs, bar managers, and journalists from across the region,” added Sheppy.

Talking about the launch of Sheppy’s Cider Nihalani said, "As per the latest consumer trends, more people are shifting towards lighter and better-crafted beverages. With the introduction of Sheppy’s Cider, we are sure to see the health-conscious consumers of alcohol beverages definitely give Cider the thumbs up.”

Made from a variety of apples ranging from eating apples to cider apples which are classified as Sharp (like Crimson King), Bittersharp (like Kingston Black), Sweet (Sweet Coppin) and Bittersweet (like Yarlington Mill), traditional English Ciders can have an alcohol content varying from 1.2% to 8.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

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