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Gobble Me Good brings Indonesian Coffee brand Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery to India

Gobble Me Good brings Indonesian Coffee brand Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery to India

Gobble Me Good, the dynamic food and beverage franchise management company, has opened doors to the Indian market for renowned Indonesian coffee chain, Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery with the launch of their first ever outlet in India.

Located at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai, this outlet marks Wake Cup’s first foray into the international market, following its success in Indonesia with 13 branches across the country.

Understanding the changing face of the modern consumer and their lifestyle choices, the café has paid special attention to curating vegetarian and vegan options for their carefully selected pocket-friendly menu. The spotlight rests on an exclusive array of edible gold-dusted and silver-dusted coffees called the Gold Digger and the Silver Spoon, in the eclectic line-up of authentic Indonesian coffees and other beverages.

Coffee lovers will be spoilt with choice with exquisite Flavour Lattes, Mochaccino and signature iced coffee like Ice Pandan Coffee, Ice Cendol Coffee and Ice Robusta Coffee. It also features a unique menu of non-coffee lattes like Blackforest Latte, Taro Latte and Matcha Latte. The offerings also include a delectable selection of side dishes with an Indian touch, such as Veg Makhani sandwiches and Soya Kebabs.

What makes the Wake Cup outlet unique is its elegant and modern interiors adorned with microgreens grown through hydroponics. These can be used to enhance the flavours of the food, to suit to individual customer preferences.

After attaining success with 50 stores of London Bubble Co, the eclectic bubble waffle franchise brand, GMG is now venturing into the café space with Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery. This is in line with the brand’s commitment to bring unique flavours from across the globe to the Indian audience. The launch of this unique brand in India is yet another step towards GMG’s vision.

Speaking on the launch, Saurabh Rathore, Founder, Gobble Me Good said, “Gobble Me Good aims to bring international flavours to the Indian palette with a unique twist. Our first venture, London Bubble Co has witnessed phenomenal growth in the country and we hope to see a similar trajectory with Wake Cup. With the richness of Indonesian Coffee and an array of delectable and unique food menu, Wake Cup is sure to be a go-to spot for coffee lovers looking for an authentic and relaxed experience.”

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