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Franchise discovery helps you through the process of food analysis by spending a good chunk of time analyzing the market for current food trends and analyzing various foods in the market. We have a team of consults working on a continuous basis to identify and research on the current trends in the market and which food and beverage item is working well in the market, a said area or region. The food and beverages industry is subdivided into various categories like Restaurant, Café, Fast Food, Desserts, Bakery and Beverages and we analyze every category thoroughly.

The other analysis done by us is based on Tier 1,2 and 3 cities. There are an array of food and beverages items introduced in today’s market but they all work differently and the food which is extremely popular in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi might not be widely accepted in Tier 2/3 cities. Our team analyzes this market segment as well and understands whether a particular type of restaurant, café, dessert shop, bakery, etc will run successfully in that area or not.

Since the times are changing and so is the market we have foods and beverages entering from all over the world being introduced to the Indian market. Our team examines which food and beverage item is doing well and growing popularity in the market. We inspect the growth of every distinctive food item and finally prepare a report which will assist the franchisee in investing in the right food franchise making lucrative business in the chosen area.

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