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Tea Cafe - Franchise In Surat

The most popular beverage among Indians is chai. Indian adults often sip on two cups of chai every day. As a result, it becomes a staple of routine life and had risen the demand for chai franchises across the country. The profit margin ranges from 41.2% to 79.85%. And if the price of tea is kept between 10 and 20 rupees, the entire investment can be recovered in 5-7 months. Almost 88% of all Indian families acknowledged drinking tea, according to a survey by the Tea Board of India. About 64% of the population of India as a whole drinks tea. As a result, in India, tea firms provide good franchising opportunities. The main cause of the Chai franchise's current popularity is this. With this upward scale of chai franchises, if you are willing to seek a chai franchise business, then, do fill up the inquiry form and our team will assist you to understand the franchise business concept from the root level and connect you with the best chai franchises in India.

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