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Waf Bites

Category: Dessert
Company: Waf Bites
Brand Origin: Chennai
Established Year: 2018
Business Type: Kiosk
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 100 Sq.Ft
Investment: 8 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 7
Google Rating: 4.4/5

About Us

Waf Bites offer an unbeatable combination of good food with outstanding service. The food is prepared on order and served fresh. We are specialized in serving European-based food,  Belgian Waffles, Bubble Waffles served with ice cream and toppings, Delicious Mini Pancakes, waffles Cakes, and Spicy Pizza waffles - Waffizas, Shakes, and Bobas.

Waf Bites provides all-inclusive support that includes outlet design, interiors, training, operations, marketing support, the product, and its ingredients. We would be happy to speak to qualified individuals who share our vision and passion.

Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI
Main Product waffle, Pizza, Pancakes, Cake, Shakes
Logo Trademark Yes
Country/Region Chennai, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Kiosk / Takeaway Kiosk / Take Away QSR / Café
Space 100 SQ. FT. 100 SQ. FT. 200-400 SQ. FT.
Interiors & Fit Outs - INR 3.25 Lacs INR 3.10 Lacs
Kitchen Equipment INR 2.69 Lacs INR 2.69 Lacs INR 2.79 Lacs
Other Equipment INR 69K INR 1.48 Lacs INR 4.16 Lacs
Business Promotion
& Inventory
INR 1.83 Lacs INR 1.83 Lacs INR 1.90 Lacs
Franchise Fee INR 3 Lacs INR 3 Lacs INR 3 Lacs
Total Investment INR 8.21 Lacs 12.25 Lacs INR 14.95 Lacs
Royalty 6% 6% 6%
ROI 1 year 2 months - 2 years 1 year 2 months - 2 years 1 year 6 months - 2 year 6 months

- As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment.
- Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.).
- Flexible Franchise Investment.

Products / Services

European-based food,  Belgian Waffles, Bubble Waffles served with ice cream and toppings, Delicious Mini Pancakes, waffles Cakes, and Sweet Pizza waffles - Waffizas, Shakes, and Bobas.

Our Menu
Belgian Waffles

We provide 30+ varieties of Belgian Waffles with customization and varieties of bases such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Charcoal, and Red Velvet.
Bubble Waffles
Bubble Waffles are Hong Kong-based waffles with Ice cream and toppings in a bubble-shaped waffle. We have 7 pre-customized Waffles and infinite customization to choose from.
Mini Pancakes
We provide 15+ varieties of freshly baked Mini Pancakes with
Customization and varieties of bases such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Charcoal, and Red Velvet.
Waffle Cakes
We provide Waffle cakes for the customers as an alternative to regular cakes to celebrate Birthdays and other occasions in a unique way.
We provide 10+ varieties of Shakes with various Ice cream and Premium Chocolates to satisfy the taste buds.
Boba Drinks
Boba Drinks are Taiwanese-based bubble drinks with popping Boba in them. It pops in the mouth when one drinks it giving a quirky feeling of happiness.

Agreement & Training

Agreement Year 5 Years
Agreement Renewal Fee NIL
Training Brand
Training Period 15 Days
Training Place Depend on Location
Number of Staff 3
Delivery Partner Swiggy, Zomato.
Expansion Main focus on South India
Target Customer Everyone

Support / Responsibility

1.1 ‘Waf Bites’ is a registered trademark and will also be solely used as the outlet name.
1.2 The interior designs of the restaurant need to complement the style and standard of our existing outlets. Waf Bites will conduct routine checks on this.
1.3 Kitchen equipment will be provided by ‘Waf Bites’ as per the standard requirements at the franchisee’s cost.
1.4 The premixes of the batter must be procured from Waf Bites only. Food items bought from the local market should be approved by Waf Bites or Waf bites will help with vendor tie-up.
1.5 ‘Waf Bites’ will design the menu for you in accordance with the market requirements. Our experienced staff and the management team will conduct routine visits to check the standard of the food served, the hygiene maintained, and public relations.
1.6 Waf Bites will provide the Billing software and the POS to the outlets for the purpose of your day-to-day billings, accounts, costing, inventory management, etc.
1.7 Franchises can buy Machinery and interior from the local markets with Waf bites instruction.


Instagram Marketing.

Cost Bifurcation

Inventory 35%
Rent & Salary 15%
Electricity & Miscellaneous Expenses 5%
Profit 35-55%


Why Choose Us?
1.1 Flexible & Constant Support
1.2 Zero Wastage of the Ingredients
1.3 60+ Varieties of Food
1.4 High Profitability & Easy to Run
1.5 Regular Research & Development of new Food Products


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Guntur, Nellore, Vishakhapatnam, Belgaum, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Tiruchchirappalli, Tirunelveli Kattabo, Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijaywada, Hubli, Mangalore, Bangalore, kochi

Existing City

Chennai, Erode, Thoothukkudi

Blocked City


Our U.S.P.s
1.1 Quality
We provide freshly baked waffles that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The food is always baked to perfection with an exciting taste.
1.2 100% Vegetarian
Our specially formulated batter is eggless and all our ingredients are vegetarian to ensure that we cover a wide range of people.
1.3. Wheat-Based Products
Our batter is pure wheat based and we ensure the food quality is Maintained, palatable as well as healthy.
1.4 Themed Interiors
Waf Bites is completely a superhero-themed shop. The interiors of the shop are also ensured to attract more customers and give them a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
1.5 Research and Development
We believe that well-researched formulation and continuous innovations ensure a superlative product experience to customers.

Mr. Jeyanthan


Address: No. 1068, Munusamy Salai, K K Nagar, Chennai - 600 078.

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