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ViN Tandoori Chai

Category: Beverages
Company: ViN and ViN Industries
Brand Origin: Bidar
Established Year: 2018
Business Type: Kiosk
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 6-9 Months
Area: 100 Sq.Ft
Investment: 3 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 60
Google Rating: 4.5/5

About Us

SPECIAL TANDOORI CHAI Tea, Coffee, Thick Milkshake, Lassi, Soup, Mock tail, Sharbat & Snacks
Company Profile: ViN Tandoori Chai is a startup company run by Raghunath Salunke (Founder) and Pandurang Biradar (Co-Founder) started its operations on 31st July 2018, and our Head office at Bidar Karnataka India.

Key Highlights:
We aim to serve high quality Tandoori Chai, 25 Flavors of TEA and Coffee, Thick Milkshakes, Lassis, Sharbats. Soups and Snacks. with continues customer satisfaction under safe and hygienic conditions.

Consistent taste & quality, Committed and well-trained staff, Value for Money for customers

Quality Policy
1.1 We use good and high-quality raw materials.
1.2 We ensure quality and hygiene products are served. No compromise on Standards, quality & quantity.
1.3 We strictly follow FSSAI guide lines in statutory The production & service are carried out under FSSAI guidelines. The staffs are well trained in the preparation of wide range of Tea products.

Safety Policy

We strictly adhere to our safety policy The clean & hygiene conditions will always be maintained


The complete production & operations will be held on SOP basis


Safety of our consumers & our staff is of top priority to us The Beverages served to you will be under conditional


temperatures of the respective product Our team formed with highest efficiencies & Excellent experiences in F & B services industries


About Vin Tandoori Chai


Tandoori chai is unique variety of Indian tea. In this recipe tea is prepared in usual Indian way with adding spices, after that a clay pot is heated (usually in Tandoor) and prepared tea is poured in the clay pot so that it absorbs flavors of the hot clay pot. Tandoori chai is traditional technology to enhance the quality and taste of chai, with natural soil essence,

Details about Project
Investment Details: - Apart from Building Interior Furniture only Rs 299999/-

1. Space: 100 to 250 sq ft

2. FSSAI, Shop license

3. Five years agreement

4. Store timing 5am to 10pm

5. Profit per month: min50,000/- to max1,50,000/- 6. Royalty 0% on sales every month
Find out the potential crowded place, and work done of electrification, plumbing, coloring, ceiling, and minimum required furniture. We will finalize the location by visiting (TA & DA will be charged)
Once the location is finalized, we will have written agreement for five years, and full payment has to be paid. We need 15 to 30 days to get ready all material, (Transportation charge will be added)
Arrange two manpower locally. they should have little coking knowledge, we will train them.
In Rs 299999/- we set up all Tandoori chai equipment, advertisements on social media, and locally, And we will regularly supply Tea Powder, Chai Masala, Chai cups, Milkshakes, lassi soup, and sharbat. at the Market price; on every month we send varied prices details,

Project Key Highlights
1. Selling price per Cup from Rs 10/- to Rs.80/- 2. Break Even(no profit no loss) for daily sales is 100cups (Rs.2000/-)


Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI, Gumasta
Main Product COFFEE, Lassi, Snacks, Soups, Tea, Shakes
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Bidar, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details




100 to 150 Sqf

Interior Cost

INR 50,000

Equipment Cost, Initial Raw Material Cost & Marketing Cost

INR 3,00,000

Licenses Cost

INR 10,000

Franchise Fee


Total Investment

INR 3,60,000





Monthly working Capital

INR 30,000

No Staff required

2 to 4

As per government guidelines, GST is applicable.

The above cost is based on approximate cost estimates.

Products / Services

1.1 TEA and Coffee,
1.2 Thick Milkshakes,
1.3 Lassis,
1.4 Sharbats
1.5 Soups and
1.6 Snacks

Agreement & Training

Agreement Term

5 years Agreement

Agreement Renewal Fee


Profit Margin


Master Franchise status

Yes Open for Pan India

Raw material provided

Particial by Brand Partcial by franchisee

Marketing responsibility


Recruitment responsibility


Delivery Partner listing

Zomato & Swiggy as per location





Why should you choose VIN Tandoori Chai Franchise
1.1 Investment only 4Lcs
1.2 Profit per month min Rs.50,000/-
1.3 No Royalty Lifetime
1.4 Exclusive Tandoori Chai
1.5 50 varieties of Hot and Cold Beverages,
1.6 You can put your Regional and Traditional Food and Snacks
1.7 Communication with Founder
1.8 Raw Material Dispatch within 24Hrs
1.9 Our Reach PAN India


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Faridabad District, Bijapur, Mumbai, Pune , Bareilly, Bengaluru

Blocked City


Key Highlights:
We aim to serve high-quality Tandoori Chai prepared under safe and hygienic conditions with continued customer satisfaction.

Consistent Taste & Quality, Committed and well-trained staff, Good Value for Money for our customers and patrons.

Quality Policy:
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we use good and high-quality raw materials.
- At Vin Tandoori Chai, we ensure quality and hygiene products served.
- At Vin Tandoori Chai, we never compromise on Standards, Quality, and Quantity
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we strictly follow FSSAI statutory guidelines.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, the production & services are carried out as per FSSAI guidelines.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, the personnel are well-trained in the preparation of a wide range of Tea products.
Safety Policy:
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we strictly adhere to our safety policy.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we always are maintained clean & hygienic conditions.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we hold complete production & operations on an SOP basis.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we give top priority to the safety of our consumers & our personnel.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we serve our customers the Beverages maintained under conditional
temperatures of the required for the product.
-  At Vin Tandoori Chai, we have an efficient team experienced in the F&B services industries.

Raghunath Salunke


Address: 160(106), Near Basaveshvar Chowck, Badroddin Colony Bidar 585403 karnataka India

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