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Category: Beauty wellness
Company: Shuddhi Salon And Spa
Brand Origin: Mumbai
Established Year: 2018
Business Type: Med-Spa
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 30-36 Months
Area: 400 Sq.Ft
Investment: 30 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 3
Google Rating: 4.4/5

About Us

We strive for excellence as we cater to our growing list of truly satisfied and return customers. And there is no comprise on quality products, unparalleled service, and experienced therapists!

While we strive to offer you the best; we also believe in creating employment opportunities for the differently abled and are committed to building a diverse workplace. In fact, our ‘spine’ and ‘strength’ are our differently-abled team for whom perfection is intrinsic!

We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. Shuddhi aims to provide a platform for hearing impaired people to be self-sustained and independent.

We will be the first ones in this industry to provide medical and investment benefits for all our employees.

Our Mission: To render unmatched services with unadulterated products and excellent service to our clients while contributing to society through equal employment opportunities for specially-abled people.

" Beauty with Compassion!"

It is an entrepreneurial dream, translating into reality - to start a venture, wherein unparalleled customer service and Diversity are a must and interwoven, where excellence is deep-seated and where clients will have an experience overwhelming!

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type
Main Product Skin Care Treatment, Hair Treatment, Spa Services, Manicure/ Pedicure
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Mumbai, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Beauty & wellness Rental (Beauty & wellness)
Space Min 400 sq ft Min 400 sq ft
Setup Cost INR 35 Lacs INR 25 Lacs
Franchisee fee INR 12 Lacs INR 12 Lacs (35K Monthly)
Total Investment INR 47 Lacs INR 37 Lacs
ROI 20-30% of the investment 20-30% of the investment
Royalty NIL NIL

As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Products / Services

1.1 Skin Care
Clean up
1.2 Hand & Feet Care
1.3 Hair care & Styling
Hair Color
Hair Cut
Hair Treatments
Hair Textures
1.4 Spa Services
Full Body spa
Foot spa
Neck & Back Spa
Head massage

Agreement & Training

Agreement Period 3 year
Agreement renewal fee 50% on the franchise fee
Staff hiring Brand
Staff Training Brand
Staff Training Period 10 days
Staff Training Place Franchisee Location
Marketing & Advertising No Support/ Franchisee
Working Capital INR 6 Lac


What defines us?
Employment opportunities – Blend of Skilled professionals and specially-abled employees. 30% of our employees are Speech and Hearing impaired
Employee Wellness: First players to provide Mediclaim & investment options in an unorganized sector
Contributing to the Ecosystem: Focused use of Organic and natural products
Relaxing Ambience: Services that ensure a calm and soothing experience that enhances your experience
Defined Procedures (SOP): Being a new entrant we have specific procedures defined for each service for consistent performance across.

Why – Salon & Wellness Industry?
1.1 Emerging Industry– The growth is expected to surge to 98,500 Crore By 2020
1.2 Necessity: It is no longer a luxury and has become a necessity for all genders and generations
1.3 High Disposable Income: The average earning capacity has increased in India and hence resulting in higher spending power
1.4 Higher Margins: This industry gives the opportunity of higher margins on most of the services considering the products and services rendered. 
1.5 Service Oriented Industry: The performance of any player depends on their overall service standards 
1.6 Recession Resistant industry: Grooming is become essential for everyone and a basic necessity, also this industry is experiencing steady growth


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City


Blocked City


Key Highlights
1.1 The revenue growth is steady even after Shuddhi being a new brand
1.2 Our offers & consistent branding has been helping in capturing the market
1.3 The amount invested is breaking even from 1st month of operations
1.4 All services are equally popular with clients and are contributing to the overall revenues
1.5 Massages can be leveraged more
1.6 We are a full service player and the same is reflected in our data
1.7 In most places only Hair contributes majorly, but in Shuddhi all services are contributing well.

Mr. Dinit Karania


Address: Shop No. 4, Silver Apartments, Shankar Ghanekar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025

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