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Category: Hotels resorts
Company: Sapphero Hospitality LLP
Brand Origin: Surat
Established Year: 2017
Business Model: FOCO
ROI: 36-45 Months
Area: 8000 Sq.Ft
Investment: 10 Crore
Franchise Outlets: 1
Google Rating: 4.5/5

About Us

SHR operates with a philosophy to create a simple and friendly atmosphere while providing high level of service. The brand philosophy is to listen to the individual needs of our guests in order to offer personalised services, fine culinary experiences and exclusive services to make each stay extraordinary and unforgettable.

SHR is a hotel development and management company with a focus on providing specialized consulting proposals and solutions to hotel owners and investors as well as on assuming the management of hotel units, with achievement of successful results by optimizing the financial metrics and the overall value of the business.

SHR offers personalized strategic direction and business development services originating from the unparalleled expertise and experience in the hospitality industry. We design hotel management solutions which aim in maximizing profitability by increasing revenues, reducing operating costs and improving efficiency.

We operate in the hospitality industry both as owners and as hotel operators and we offer in our services the unique perspective of the hotel owner. We recognize that we operate at a time where there is growing demand for individuality and originality. Successful hotels will be the ones who will recognize that things change, needs change, requirements change, peoples’ expectations change and need to be adapted accordingly. We believe strongly in the quality and efficiency achieved by adopting the high standards that we have, in conjunction with a holistic approach in
which each member of our team aligns to a common goal: At the end of
the day, our interests are identical with the interests of the owner.

Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Surat, India
Business Automation
Business Involvement

Franchise Model

1.1 CATEGORY : 1 Debt Fund

Total Investment Rs. 10,00,00,000
1.1 Simple Interest at 12% per annum
1.2 Fixed Interest for 15 years
1.3 No Equity Holding
1.4 Get 3 rooms complimentary in a year *
1.5 Get 6 meals complimentary in a year

1.2 CATEGORY : 2 Equity Fund

Total Investment Rs. 10,00,00,000
1.1  80% Equity in that properties in which investment given
1.2 5% of Total Revenue or 80% of Net Profit (Options available)
1.3 Ratio variant as per properties
1.4  Get 6 rooms complimentary in a year *
1.5  Get 12 meals complimentary in a year *

1.3 CATEGORY : 2 Equity Fund

Total Investment Rs. 10,00,00,000
1.1  Time Period 15 years
1.2  Projected investment in up to 500 rooms
1.3  Projected Average Revenue per year INR 36.32 crore
1.4  Projected Average Expenses per year INR 35.07 crore
1.5  Projected Investor sharing per year INR 1.79 crore

CATEGORY : 2 Equity Fund Highlights

1.1  Total Investment Rs. 10.00 Crore for 15 years
1.2  Projected Total Revenue Rs. 544.81 Crore (Average 36.32 Crore per year)
1.3  Projected Total Expenditure Rs. 370.76 Crore (Average 24.72 Crore per year)
1.4  Projected Total Gross Operating Profit Rs. 174.04 Crore (Average Rs. 11.60
Crore per year i.e. 32% of Revenue)
1.5  Projected Total Net Operating Profit for Rs. 33.53 Crore (Average Rs. 2.24
Crore per year i.e. 6% of Revenue)
1.6 Projected Return with Investment amount after 15 years Rs. 26.83 Crore i.e.
268% (Average Rs. 1.79 Crore per year)

Products / Services

Co-ordination with consultants, Architect, Interior designers & etc.
1.1 Facility Planning
1.2  Recruitment Support
1.3  Contract with Suppliers
1.4 Training of employees
1.5  IT integration
1.6  Sales & revenue management
1.7  Marketing Support (with OTA)
1.8  Technical Support
1.9  Strategic Master & Business Planning
1.10 Cost & Revenue Management
1.11 Centralized Reservation
1.12 Reputation Management
1.13 Digital Marketing Strategy
1.14 Quality Management
1.15 Financial transactions with Transparency
1.16 Procurement
1.17 Financial Controlling
1.18 Yield Management
1.19 Health, Safety & Risk Management
1.20 Complete Hospitality Business Operations

Agreement & Training

15 (Fifteen) years from the formal opening of the Hotel with 5 (Five) years lock-in period and extendable on mutual consent basis. If the owner terminates the agreement within the lock-in period, the operator shall be compensated with the Management Fees equivalent to balance period of lock-in period along with an amount equilent to 1(one) year projected management fees. If the owner terminates the agreement after lock-in period but before the full term of agreement, the operator shall be compensated with an amount equivalent to 3(three) years projected Management Fees. SHR Management may terminate the contract if the Brand Standards and Service levels are not met as specified. SHR Management will
communicate in writing the gaps in brand standards and service levels and if such shortcomings are not addressed in totality within 90 days of communication then SHR Management can terminate the agreement. In the event of such termination, the Owner will compensate SHR Management with the Management fees as mentioned above.

Support / Responsibility

1.1 To achieve peak efficiency, we support all our properties and general managers through a central office that provides routine management services including auditing, payroll, invoicing, taxes, insurance, budgets, legal services and training for each property.

1.2 In short, our management formula means "at SHR, success checks
in for an extended stay."

Legal Support
With a highly experienced legal team based in our corporate office we are able to give high-level guidance or ensure you speak to the right external legal support.

Financial Support
The financial specialists at SHR Management bring years of experience, financial knowledge and a focused dedication to their discipline. The Corporate Accounting Team reviews in detail all financial factors of the operating performance of each of the hotels. A team of regional controllers regularly review each property’s ongoing financial performance, operating efficiencies, and adherence to appropriate systems and procedures.


In addition to each property's individual sales & marketing efforts, we maintain a corporate marketing department that co-ordinates regional and national marketing opportunities that benefit each hotel individually and collectively. Our in-house advertising agency produces and places the properties advertising and printed
collateral, ensuring continuity among the different media and increasing purchasing power for media buys. They are also responsible for our web design and public communications.


- Why Sapphero

 At Sapphero our partnerships are aimed at win-win proposals and we prefer to engage in long term relationships.  We offer the advantage of an excellent management track record and pioneering industry leadership. We are a leading international hotel management company with some of the best-known industry elite as partners. These are some of the key advantages/partnership opportunities you will have when you associate with us:

-  Committed Marketing & social media Team:  Developing channel marketing plans to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new business.

-  Efficient Domestic & International Sales Infrastructure: We have a wide reach and strong penetration with our regional offices base in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Surat.

-  In-house Training & Human Resource Development Division: We ensure that our hotels are always operated by qualified staff members. We run training programs and e-learning modules to ensure that all the staff members are updated on the latest hospitality skills.

-  Strong Management Focus: We offer approved policies and procedures from the top management downwards.

Our team members include highly skilled and enthusiastic hospitality professionals.

-  Recognized for: We deliver technical, pre-opening and post-opening services and the operations of highly

successful hotels with the ability to fast-changing market trends.

 - Focus on Guest Experience & Satisfaction: We have repeated high level of guest satisfaction over the years with our development in technology.

A strong business focus on bottom-line delivery & personalized attention to clients.

-  Loyalty & Recognition Programs: a loyalty program is designed to appreciate and reward frequent guests. Our loyalty programs impart value and rewarding experiences for members by providing many benefits, privileges and exciting offers.



Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City


Blocked City


With hotels in unique and prime locations across the globe we are
sure there is a Sapphero for everyone!


To be perceived by guests, partners, collaborators and competitors as the best hotel chain in India.


We manage the hotels and resorts in the most professional, effective and efficient ways possible in order to generate a positive return on every aspect for the landowners, a good working relationship with partners and collaborators and an
excellent level of service to make our guest holidays truly unique.

Our Hotel Consultancy and continuous advisory services include:

1.1 Market survey and feasibility studies, Conceptualization of hotel projects, Financial viability analysis, Marketing, Market positioning / branding of the hotel, We provide additional knowledge and expertise to your hotel team.

1.2 Added support for the development of your work processes and procedures. Operational resolution of errors in daily operations Booking of inventory / contracts Reservation network access & etc...

Management team with extensive transaction and operations experience
1.1  Strong regional and national operators
1.2 Analytical data-driven approach to drive property level results
1.3 Scale to negotiate attractive national contracts
1.4  Strategic revenue management to optimize mix of business and maximize bottom-line performance


Mr. Shamitav Jana


Address: M-25, Center Point,Majura Gate, Surat-395001

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