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Prima Diagnostic

Category: Healthcare services
Company: Bhima Lisciences LLP
Brand Origin: Bangalore
Established Year: 2017
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 9-12 Months
Area: 150 Sq.Ft
Investment: 8 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 10
Google Rating: 3.9/5

About Us

Established in March 2017, Prima Diagnostics has set the highest standard of diagnostic accuracy to fight the battle against various health conditions. Within a short span, Prima expanded its presence across Bangalore and Mysore. With the commitment to helping the community achieve optimum health and enjoy the best quality of life possible, Prima bridges the gap in healthcare by providing the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tests within easy reach of customers.Prima’s chain of Diagnostic Centers challenges the limits of conventional diagnostics through innovative technology and groundbreaking procedures that help diagnose diseases with incredible speed and precision than ever before. By combining technological excellence with the expertise of skilled medical professionals and support staff, Prima helps every customer get accurate and reliable results. Visit Prima Diagnostic Center and expect premium healthcare.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type LLP
License Type
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Bangalore, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time
GST No 29AAQFB6539B1Z9

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Category Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory
Lab Types Prima Lab Collection Center Prima Care Center Prima Care Center Wellness Center
Space 150 Sq.ft 300 Sq.ft 460 Sq.ft 1100-1500 Sq.ft
Total Investment INR 7.7 Lac INR 8.5 Lac INR 22.0 Lac INR 85.0 Lac
Franchisee Fee INR 1.0 Lac INR 1.0 Lac INR 2.0 Lac INR 10.0 Lac
ROI 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Royality NIL
No of staff required 2 2 3-4 4-5

Products / Services


1.2 Radiology services

1.3 Other Services

1.4 Home collection services

1.5 Online report

1.6 Diagnostic Unit Mobile

Agreement & Training

Agreement Period On going till termination
Agreement Renewal Fee Mutual decision 
Staff Hiring Franchise
Staff Trainning Brand
Staff Trainning Place Brand place
Staff Trainning Period 1 week

Support / Responsibility

1.1 Reputed Brand Name with deep market reach in Bangalore and Mysore

1.2 Integrated Solutions (Laboratory & Radiology)

1.3 Reporting through NABH, NABL, & ISO Certified Centers (Laboratory, X-Ray)

1.4 Training Support

1.5 Billing & Reporting Software and IT Support

1.6 Inventory Support

1.7 Logistics Responsibility with Prima

1.8 Support in setting up the center (Tech specs, Branding, Inventory)

1.9 Association from Corporate on consent for the rates

1.10 Attractive Revenue share

1.11 Robust Process and Growing Organization


1.1 Customer Service

1.2 Prima lab Flow

1.3 Billing

1.4 Cash Handling

1.5 Phlebotomy Training

1.6 Sample Collection process

1.7 Sample Storage process 

1.8 Sample Transportation Process

1.9 Biomedical wastes management

1.10 Inventory Management

1.11 Center Safety

1.12 Sales Training

1.13 DVL Management

1.14 Prima Quality Policy

1.15 IT Training


Cost Bifurcation

Prima Lab Collection Center Prima Care Center Prima Care Center Wellness Center
INR 50 K INR 50 K INR 60 K INR 80 K
INR 30 K INR 80 K INR 11.8 Lac INR 32.2 Lac
INR 90 K INR 90K INR 1.1 Lac INR 12.1 Lac
INR 3.8 Lac INR 4.1 Lac INR 50 K INR 17.9 Lac
INR 1.2 Lac INR 1.2 Lac INR 1.5 Lac INR 12.0 Lac


1.1 : Whether franchisees need to have GST no?

A: Preferably, yes (it is mandatory to have a GSTIN if the transaction is more than 25 lacs per annum)

1.2 : Which Bank support can Prima provide for Loan?

A: Prima can refer to HDFC, but all the proceeding for the loan will be taken care by franchise

1.3 : What kind of Loan will be provided & Interest Rate?

A: It will be commercial loan, approximately @9% interest

1.4 :How Much time will it take to get the licenses?

A: For Model 1, 2 & 3 it will take approx. 45 days and for model 4  approx. 90 days.

1.5 : Duration of the agreement?

A: Ongoing, till termination

1.6 : Which bank account needs to be opened for transaction purposes?

A: Current account in HDFC bank, which will be linked to an escrow account

1.7 : Can the franchisee center be near any other Prima Centers?

A: Franchisee center must be at least 5 kms away from any of the other Prima Centers. Once the Franchise center is opened, no other Prima centers (including franchise) can be opened within 5 kms.



Brand Origin


Expansion City

Existing City

Blocked City


Responsibility:-Before Operation Starts

Area Identification

Prima and Franchise

Site Identification

Franchise will have the responsibility to identify the site in agreed area

Sales and Marketing Support

Franchise will be having their own sales executive to handle sales and marketing activity on daily Basis

Project work

Franchisees will have the responsibility to complete the project work from their own vendor or Prima Vendor. Operations must start within 45 days (Model 1, 2 & 3), within 90 days (Model 4), post signing the agreement

Branding and Design

Franchise will get it done with support of Prima

Human Resource (HR)

Franchise has to hire the resource based on the requirements and Prima may help to get the profile if needed

Training on Process

Prima will conduct the training for the new staff

After Operation Start:-

Operational activities

Franchise has to Manage day to day operation

Franchise will be depositing cash on every day to specified escrow account

Logistic (Sample Transportation)

Prima will take care

X-Ray reporting

Prima will take care through tele radiology

Report Delivery (Online)

Prima will take care

Training as in when required

Prima will take care

Billing and Reporting Software

Prima will provide


Franchise need to take care

Purchasing Consumable

Franchise has to take the identified consumable from PRIMA vendor and rest will be from prima or any other vendor

Daily Revenue Report

Prima will provide

IT helpdesk

Prima will take care

Accounts - Reconciliation

Prima will take care

Complaints handling

Franchise will inform to prima, and franchise and prima will handle 


Mr. Apurab


Address: 4/16, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560011

Contact for Prima Diagnostic

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