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Pharmacy Brand Developer

Category: Pharmacy
Company: Pharmacy Brand Developer
Brand Origin: Delhi
Established Year: 2014
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 300 Sq.Ft
Investment: 8 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 100
Google Rating: 3.9/5

About Us

Pharmacy Brand Developer is a unique concept aimed at disrupting pharmacy franchise industry.
We are industry experts having more than 17+ years of experience in healthcare and pharmacy.
We have developed more than 150 + stores Pan India for several reputed pharmacy brands as third-party consultants over the span. By analysing different business models of different big brands closely, we came to know about the pain areas of investors. Heavy Franchise fee in name of brand support is totally inconsistent with the services and support and its more or less useless. Since 2017 , we have stepped to directly connect with investors and offer our services.  Pharmacy Brand Developer is the brainchild of Mr A K Mallick, an industry veteran who aims to bring more and more entrepreneurs to start their own profitable business. We don’t charge any royalty or profits on margin. We just charge one-time brand development fee and offer our support as per the agreement period.
No need to pay hefty franchise fee to any brand. No need to depend on others
Make and market your own Brand and not any other brand, do advertising for your own brand


Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type Gumasta
Main Product Surgical product, Generic medicines, Cosmetic products, All kind of Medicine
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Delhi, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially
GST No xxxxx

Franchise Model

Franchise set up cost (INR)  
Carpet Area (In Sq Ft.) 200-300 Sq.ft
Centre Fumishing/Improvement etc.  
Ceiling/Painting INR 20000 K
Painting and POP INR 10000 K
Wooden Fittings / Racks INR 65700 K
Wooden Fittings / Counter 2pc INR 33000 K
Glass Door & other Work INR 37000 K
Glass work INR 45000 K
Electrical Fittings INR 10000 K
Internal Branding INR 20000 K
Signage/Sign Board INR 30000 K
Total Renovation Cost (A) INR 277700 Lakhs
Air Conditioners INR 35000 K
Refrigerators INR 10000 K
POS (Hardware) INR 30000 K
Software Cost INR 30000 K
Power Backup (Inverter) INR 15000 K
CCTV INR 15000 K
Communication Equipments INR 30000 K
Cycle INR 3000 K
Misc Equipments INR 10000 K
Total capital investment (B) INR 151000 Lakhs
Business Promotion & Others  
Display Items/Initial Inventory INR 300000 Lakhs
Prelaunch Marketing & Opening Expenses INR 10000 K
License Cost INR 30000 K
Total Financial Requirement for Setup INR 340000 K

Products / Services


1.1 Website Development
1.2 Local Marketing
1.3 Indian Premier offline
1.4 Support to owner & Investors
1.5 Digital Marketing

Agreement & Training

Agreement 5 Years
Renewal 50%
Training Brand
Branding Investor suggestion
Doctors OPD


Online & Offline marketing will be done by brand.

Cost Bifurcation

Gross Profit Margin
Sales 25-30%
Allopathic Medicine Margin 27% to 37%
Generic Medicine 70-90%
Ayurveda 35-65%
Surgical 65-90%
cosmetics 17-45%



1.1 Website Development

For local marketing,digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.We make your own domain, user, apps for business for promoting your chemist or pharmacy individually for your brand pharmacy or any business etc. In your area district, state, India or worldwide etc. that's all in your hand like better than others franchise companies.Online order for delivery and more.

1.2 Local marketing
Social media marketing,
Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Twitter, Instagram.
Digital marketing-SMS, WhatsApp, Email campaigns
Health camps, Local Doctors tie-up plus Doctors setting if required.
CRM guidelines for customer care or call for offers and free home delivery.
Sales, Purchase and marketing training.

1.3 India's Premier Offline (Live Store) & Online Pharmacy Store

We provide 100% availability of 100% genuine medicine at your premises/store. Make local procurement module with standard supplier of Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Generic, Injectable, Imported medicine, Branded & Indian cosmetic, female hygiene, daily nutrition, health care devices, sexual wellness, surgical etc if required, We expertise for Departmental store FMCG items...all.

1.4 Support to Owners/Investors

Each owner receives in depth help & support from the Pharmacy Brand Developer team who have established and developed a successful business model. Pharmacy brand developer support will guide and advise in the area including: Site Selection store designing *Brand standards *equipment acquisition like Hardware and software. For billing and purchase as well online order support and whatsapp.

1.5 Digital marketing
No need to depend on others. Make /market your own Brand or don't do marketing for any brand, do advertising for your own brand or company. All investment in your hand and budget also.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Indore, Mumbai, Nashik , Pune , Udaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore

Existing City

Blocked City



Address: G6, Janak palace,District center,Janakpuri new delhi-110058

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