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NV Shoppe

Category: Grocery supermarket
Company: N V Shoppe Sales and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Brand Origin: Noida
Established Year: 1995
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 9-12 Months
Area: 300 Sq.Ft
Investment: 10 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 140
Google Rating: 4/5

About Us

The Company was Established in 1995. We served 25 years in this industry. After the grand success of this company, the company got a Registered Trademark under the name “R Diamond” and began manufacturing the whole range of Bath Faucets & Fixtures. Now we are coming with our new venture NV SHOPPE SALES AND MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED in E-commerce & Retail Store Chains. NV Shoppe makes your grocery shopping even more straightforward. No more hassles of sweating it out in crowded markets, grocery shops & supermarkets - now shop from the comfort of your home; office, or on the move.

We offer you the convenience of shopping for everything you need for your home - be it rice, dals, oil, packaged food, dairy item, frozen, pet food, electronics, household cleaning items &  personal care products from a single virtual store.

Vision & Mission
NV Shoppe has the distinction of being the largest ONLINE & OFFLINE retailer in the country. NV Shoppe’s commitment to “better the lives”. We are planning to touch every corner across Pan India with our 2000+ Stores, VENDOR App & FRANCHISE
Module in the coming years. Our target is to reach more than 10 crore users.

Now NV Shoppe has landed in Modern Trade & Retail. Here you will get the same products at the lowest prices. Through Direct Selling, our members get a handsome profit share. We have our presence in the market in both online and offline modes so that we can provide our products and services directly to your homes in every corner of the country. Our goal is to deliver quality and variety to create a better everyday life for our associates and to spread the same on all continents of the world.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type
Main Product Grocery, electronic accessories, Fruits & Vegetables, cloths
Logo Trademark Yes
Country/Region Noida, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model


Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Mini Mart Super Mark Mega Mart
Space 300 sq.ft. 900 sq.ft. 3000-5000 sq.ft.
Interior Cost INR 3.8 Lacs INR 6 Lacs As Per Area
Stock Investment INR 4.2 Lacs INR 11 Lacs As Per Area
Franchisee Fee NIL NIL NIL
Joining Kit - - -
Total Investment INR 10Lacs INR 17 Lacs INR 35-50 Lacs
ROI 1 to 1.5 Years 1.5 to 2 Years 1.5 to 2 Years
Included • Software
• System
(Desktop With Ups)
• Billing Printer
• Weighting Machine
• Scanner
• 5 Basket & 5 Drum
• Racks, Pilate
(As Per Area)
• Branding And Promotion
• Software
• System
(Desktop With Ups)
• Billing Printer
• Weighting Machine
• Scanner
• 5 Basket & 5 Drum
• Racks, Pilate
(As Per Area)
• Branding And Promotion
• Display Fridge

• Software
• System
(Desktop With Ups)
• Billing Printer
• Weighting Machine
• Scanner
• Basket & Drum
• Racks, Counter
(As Per Area)
• Branding And Promotion
• Display Fridge

As per government rule, GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Agreement & Training

Agreement Year 5 Years 
Locking Period 3 Years 
Agreement Renewal Fee NIL
Number of Staff 2-8
Training Period 3 days
Marketing 1-month promotion
& marketing support


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Jorhat, Bhopal, Hoshangabad, New Delhi, Guntur, Munger, Muzaffarpur, Nalanda, Patna, Samastipur, Raipur, Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Faridabad District, Hisar, Panipat, Shimla, Mumbai, Gajapati, Jagatsinghpur, Barnala, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana, Bikaner, Jalore, Kota, Dehradun, Adilabad, Ambedkar Nagar, Bareilly, Firozabad, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Mirzapur, Pratapgarh, Rampur, Sultanpur, Varanasi, Delhi, Kodinar, Noida, Guwahati, Belagavi, Motihari

Blocked City


1.1 Complete Setup will be done by the Company
1.2 Racking system and Interior Includes
1.3 Branding
1.4 1-month promotion & marketing support
1.5 Full system & software
1.6 Customer base Support

With the Unique Business Model of NV Shoppe, you will Get Customer Support in 3 Ways
1. Walk-in Customers
2. Company Prime Customers
3. Online Customers

Range of Product:
-Fruits & Vegetables
-Personal Care
-Clothing & Apparels
-Health Products
-And Many More

Our Services
-All Pre-Paid & Post-Paid Mobile Recharges
-Bill Payments

Mr. Ahmed


Address: Pahalwan Tawor,Near SJM Hospital Chhajarsi, Noida, Sector-63, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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