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NRI Chaiwala

Category: Beverages
Company: NRI Chaiwala Tea & Confectionery
Brand Origin: Noida
Established Year: 2022
Business Type: Kiosk, Fine-Dine, Casual Dining
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 9-12 Months
Area: 400 Sq.Ft
Investment: 17 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 1
Google Rating: 5/5

About Us

A dream of having a cup of tea with our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi
“Someone well said that if you can dream it, you can achieve it!”

A hotelier from New Zealand having an experience of 20 years in the industry returned to India with a dream of having a cup of tea with our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr. Jagdish Kumar, a follower of Modi Ji, sacrificed his green card and came back to India in December 2018. Here he started his own business selling chai.

Started from scratch by selling usual tea, he then started a brand named Chotu Chaiwalah serving 35 variants of tea like Adrak Elaichi Vali chai, Cutting chai, Kadak chai, tandoori chai, etc and their most popular varieties with quirky names like- Mummy Ke Hath Wali Chai, Mardo Wali Chai, Corporate Wali Chai, and Dosto Wali Chai are what makes it a unique point of attraction.

After receiving quite an applaud for his work in this sector, he started his own company named Corpbite under which he opened multiple food brands like Chotu Chaiwalah, Chaat House, Unlimited 24, Motulal Bhaturewala, and more since the year 2018.

Inspired by Modi and his journey, he wishes to meet him one day over a cup of tea and associate with his startup mission to make youngsters aware of the 'Make In India' campaign and realize it's potential and guide them to grow a business under its concept.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Noida, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type NRI Express Café NRI Express Café NRI Chaiwala Café NRI Chai Lounge NRI Chai Lounge NRI Corporate Lounge
Space 400-500 700-800 1500-1800 1800-2500 2500-3500 3500-5000
Setup Cost 15 Lakhs 20 Lakhs 55 Lakhs 75 Lakhs 1 Cr. 5 Cr.
Franchise Fee 2 Lakhs 3 Lakhs 5 Lakhs 5 Lakhs 10 Lakhs 20 Lakhs
Total Investment 17 Lakhs 23 Lakhs 60 Lakhs 80 Lakhs 1.10 Cr 5.20 Cr.
Working Capital 4.5 Lakhs 6 Lakhs 16.5 Lakhs 22.5 Lakhs 30 Lakhs 1.5 Cr.
Stock 2 Lakhs 3 Lakhs 5 lakhs 7 Lakhs 12 Lakhs 25 Lakhs

Products / Services

1.1 Ayurvedic Chai
1.2 Tea Leaf
1.3 Tea Bags
1.4 Tea Sachet
1.5 Kids Tea
1.6 International Tea Sachet


Agreement & Training

  NRI Express Café NRI Express Café NRI Chaiwala Café NRI Chai Lounge NRI Chai Lounge NRI Corporate Lounge
Agreement Year 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Agreement Renewal Year 4.5 Lakhs 6 Lakhs 16.5 Lakhs 22.5 Lakhs 30 Lakhs 1.5 Cr.
Making 90 Days 90 Days 120 Days 120 Days 120 Days 120 Days


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City


Blocked City


1.1 A Premium atmosphere of outlets

The atmosphere inside NRI Chaiwala cafes is a great stress reliever and relaxing. With proper and right kind of background music, and relaxing furniture design.
1.2 Higher output in less time
NRI Chaiwala works on a strategy to value and satisfy every customer of the outlet that worked as a USP for the brand in producing higher outputs.
1.3 Diversified Menu
NRI Chaiwala has a diversified range on its menu. Initially serving different flavored tea, serve different snacks and dishes for both Indian and International customers.
1.4 Online marketing strategy
NRI Chaiwala is using a digital media platform for its marketing or promotional activities i.e. for creating brand awareness and increasing customer base with a focus on improving customer service.

Mr. Vikas Singh Bisht


Address: SK-129 Sector-116 Noida

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