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Natures Hut

Category: Grocery supermarket
Company: nectar foods
Brand Origin: Patiala
Established Year: 2009
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 22-30 Months
Area: 200 Sq.Ft
Investment: 14 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 18
Google Rating: 5/5

About Us

Nature's Hut, a natural product retail chain, established in the year 2009, came into existence with the passion to serve humanity, with the goodness & strength of nature and herbs. With an enriched experience of Ayurveda, the company is run by a team of young entrepreneurs, under whose guidance the company has shown remarkable progress. We are currently a name to reckon with in the domestic market for our quality products and services. Ever since its inception, Nature's Hut has been dedicated to the promotion of natural products to bring the benefits of Herbs to the common man.
Nature’s Hut as a company shows integrity with every business decision. Love for food and focus on health, motivated us to be in the business of chemical-free natural product retailing. We are working in a three-stage model wherein the company, master franchise, and franchise work closely in a pre-defined system. We as a company work with passion to serve the needs of consumers, which has generated great results so far. Being an integral part of the system Master franchise and Franchisee shares the same passion for the business. We believe that franchising is a sure-shot route to growth both for the company and for our franchise partners. Demands for adulteration and contamination-free products by health-conscious consumers are major growth drivers of our franchise model.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type
Main Product Herbal Juices, Herbal Soap, Antioxidants, Pickles & Chutneys, Face Scrub, Face Pack, Face wash, Moisturizing Lotion, Hair Oil/Shampoo, Essential Oils, Massage Oil
Logo Trademark Yes
Country/Region Patiala, India
Business Automation Fully
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type

Natural's product shop

Space 200 Sq.ft
Setup cost INR 11.95 Lacs
Franchise Fee INR 3 Lacs
Total Investment INR 14.95 Lacs
Model FOFO
Royalty NIL
ROI 2 years 4 month

Products / Services

1.1 Fruit Barfi/Sweets
1.2 Fruit Crushes
1.3 Herbal Juices
1.4 Herbal Soap
1.5 Antioxidants
1.6 Pickles & Chutneys
1.7 Honey
1.8 Sweets
1.9 Face Scrub
1.10 Face Pack
1.11 Face wash
1.12 Cream
1.13 Face Gel
1.14 Moisturizing Lotion
1.15 Lip Balm
1.16 Hair Oil/Shampoo
1.17 Conditioner
1.18 Massage Oil
1.19 Essential Oils
1.20 Carry Bags, Etc.

Agreement & Training

Agreement Period 5 year +1
Agreement renwal fee INR 2 Lac
No of staff 2
Training period 3 dyas
Training place Patiyala
staff trainnig Company

Support / Responsibility

1.1 Site Selection and approval.
1.2 Stock rotation & correction
1.3 Marketing and brand pull
1.4 Online marketing and sales
1.5 Consistent product and supply
1.6 At least price and good margin
1.7 Marketing and sales support
1.8 Teachiqual support and training


Reasons to Partner with Nature’s Hut?
A) India Market Opportunities 
Indian corporate & personal gifting market size was INR 250,000 Cr.
1.2 Corporate gifting market in India is estimated at INR 12,000 Cr.
1.3 This market is growing at over 200% per annum.
1.4 The packaged food industry would receive a boost as regulatory authorities raise the bar for quality & hygiene.
1.5 Consumer shift towards healthy, natural, and herbal products
Vast opportunity with modern trade: Unorganized ? Organized ? Modern Trade ? EBO ? Franchise
B) Brand Strength
The best R&D centers and in-house manufacturing units
1.2 A highly skilled and talented team of experienced professionals 
1.3 Quality control under the limits of FSSAI standards 
1.4 180+ Products without any harmful preservatives or chemicals
1.5 No competition for Fruit Burfi
1.6 Strong offline presence with 18 retail outlets across 5 states in India
1.7 Superior product quality at a reasonable price
Franchisee Benefits 
Tried and tested business model – Plug and Play
1.2 Small format to suit investor appetite (200 sq.ft)
1.3 Good product margins
1.4 A reasonable return on investment
1.5 Franchisee support functions


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City


Blocked City


Nectar Foods Private Limited offers Health, Wealth, Taste, and Cosmetics under the umbrella of Nature's Hut.
1.1 Customers who are already aware of the Brand
1.2 Customers want chemical-free products
1.3 Health-conscious population
1.4 The population has diabetic/obesity challenges
1.5 Natural personal care product users 
1.6 Travel lovers and tourist places
1.7 Hygiene-conscious sweets lovers
1.8 New customers & First-time adopters:
1.9 Increasing awareness of Natural Products
1.10 Urbanization & working population
1.11 Regular monthly buyers 
1.12 Corporate and personal gift buyers
1.13 Festival and Marriage organizers

Mr. Anil


Address: c33,focal point industriall,47001 patiyala

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