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Miracle Homeo Clinic

Category: Healthcare services
Company: Shah-Kadam & Sons LLP
Brand Origin: Pune
Established Year: 2020
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 22-30 Months
Area: 750 Sq.Ft
Investment: 2 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 1
Google Rating: 4/5

About Us

At Miracles®, Homeo Clinic We Treat Each And Every Case Scientifically, Holistically, And With True Utmost Care Like Family Members. 

Homeopathic care to precious infants, naughty kids, serious adults, and childish old men. Everybody was pleased and giving blessings!! 

This clinic was founded it in 2003 to cater to the needs of students, practitioners, academicians, and research workers in the field of homeopathy.

Students from all over Pune and metropolitan cities join the clinic for classical homeopathic training on real patients. The training period ranges from a few days to a few months or even years depending upon the requirements.

Classical training is imparted to aspiring students who want to study homeopathy with devotion and sincerity. initially, a student actively participates in the process of case taking as an observer. as he familiarizes himself with the intricacies of case taking and masters the unique method of case taking evolved and developed by miracles® homeo clinic, he starts taking cases as a primary physician.

The case that has been taken by the students is analyzed and studied by all groups and expert doctors. This is then followed by a group discussion among all the students.

This methodology gives a practical and clear understanding of cases to the students. This also serves as a live and vivid background for them to study the materia medica.

The student learns to differentiate the similimum from the group of drugs which is pivotal for the prescription. The whole understanding of the case also encompasses different avenues of psychology, psychiatry, pathology, and other basic allied subjects. A complete and detailed study of a case in such a way serves as a perfect recipe for a knowledge-starved student who has just entered into the vast horizon of homeopathy.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type LLP
License Type
Main Product Skin Care Treatment,Hair Treatment,Allergy Treatment,Infertility Treatment
Logo Trademark Yes
Country/Region Pune , India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Part Time

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Clinic
Space 750 Sq.Ft.
Overall Leasehold improvement INR 1.3 Lacs
Air conditioners INR 55K
Electrical fittings INR 52K
Branding (Internal / external) INR 25K
Furniture INR 65K
Pantry setup INR 25K
Computers and printers INR 30K
Telephone Connection INR 5K
Power backup INR 25K
Misc items (credit card machine) INR 5K
Trade License, VAT/CST License incl. registration INR 20K
Retail Software INR 10K
Launch marketing fund INR 50K
Security deposit for rent for 3 months INR 1.35 Lacs
Initial Inventory INR 1 Lacs
Franchise Fee INR 2.5 Lacs
Service Tax (10.3%) INR 26 K
Total Investment INR 10.08 Lacs
Model FOFO
Working Capital Analysis (3 months) including Rent INR 2.8 Lacs
Royalty 10%
ROI 2 Years

Products / Services

1.1 Infertility Clinic Skin Clinic
1.2 Allergy Clinic
1.3 Hair Clinic
1.4 Stress Clinic
1.5 Women Clinic
1.6 Children Clinic
1.7 Health Coaching

Agreement & Training

Training Brand
Training Place Brand
Training period 3 to 4 weeks
Agreement year 15 years
Agreement renewal fee INR 2 Lac

Support / Responsibility

We are by your side from Initiation to Completion

1.1 Training in operations and management to the Franchisee will be given
1.2 Products & equipment supply is guaranteed
1.3 Assistance in site selection
1.4 Complete mobilization of financial resources
1.5 Architectural guidance
1.6 Help in purchase & procurement of medical equipment 
1.7 Marketing & promotional assistance
1.8 Project coordination by us
1.9 Commissioning & pre-launch activities will be conducted by us


Marketing & promotional assistance from Brand.


What we Expect from Our Partners

  • Have experience in the Healthcare segment

  • Share similar concerns about the quality

  • An efficient individual capable of creating markets

  • An entrepreneur with the right focus on the healthcare industry and willing to invest in brand building



Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City


Blocked City


Benefits of Partnering with the Expert
 One Stop Medical Facility: For all Homeopathy Treatments in addition to Quality Advise

1.2 Brand Recognition: Chance to associate with a known name in Homeopathy

1.3 Knowledge & Expertise of Dr. Kadam: The reputation of Dr. Kadam in the industry, gives the business added advantage

1.4 Wide Treatment Range Offered: All sorts of treatments for skin, hair, respiratory, arthritis, and many more are available here

1.5 High ROI: Expect quick returns within 2 year time period

1.6 Low to Medium Pricing: Attracting a larger patient base

Dr. Yogesh kadam


Address: 103,Mandke Armaa,near kailas super market chowk lane no 13, Venus Apartment next to Bella Vista, Viman Naga pune 411014

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