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Ministry of Eggs

Category: Fast food
Company: Ministry of Eggs
Brand Origin: Mumbai
Established Year: 2017
Business Type: Take Away
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 18-22 Months
Area: 250 Sq.Ft
Investment: 14 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 12
Google Rating: 3.9/5

About Us

Nishant Dhamannwala is turning the tide with MINISTRY OF EGGS. MINISTRY OF EGGS serves over 80+ varieties of Surti-style eggs in a quick service restaurant, a family friendly place. Started in VR Mall Surat in 2017, MINISTRY OF EGGS now has multiple outlets in Mumbai: in Bandra, Borivali, Ghatkopar, and quite a few outlets coming up in a few weeks. Nishant Dhamannwala's vision was always about serving up freshly made eggs without compromising on the Surti taste or hygiene. Being a quick service restaurant, you no longer need to fret about cleanliness, hygiene standards, comfort, or quality of food with MINISTRY OF EGGS. Taking away all your worries about roadside eating, MINISTRY OF EGGS is soon to be everyone’s go-to place when it comes to having eggs.

Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI, Gumasta
Main Product Egg curry, Snacks, Rolls, beverages, Egg
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Mumbai, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Cafe
Space 250 - 300 Sq.ft.
Machinery & Equipment’s INR 3.70 Lakhs
Interior INR 2.20 Lakhs
Other Cost INR 2.05 Lakhs
Franchise Fee INR 5 Lakhs
Total Investment INR 13.95Lakhs
Model FOFO
ROI 12-16 Months
Royalty 5%
Working Capital INR 1 Lakh

As per government rule, GST will be applicable on each payment

Interior Cost is variable, which depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)
Other Costs include License, Pre Opening Marketing, Uniform, TV, Etc.

Products / Services

1.1 Small Eats
1.2 Main Dish
1.3 Rice & Noodles
1.4 Egg Meals
1.5 All-Day Breakfast
1.6 Rolls 
1.7 Omlete
1.8 Healthy
1.9 Beverage

Agreement & Training

Agreement Term 5 Years
Agreement Renewal Yes (Decide Mutually)
Important Raw material Brand
Marketing & Sales Brand Support
Hiring Franchise
Training Brand
Employees 4 To 5
Software and billing facility Brand
Machinery & Equipments Can Purchase locally as per
Brand Specification
Interior Can be done locally as per Brand Design
Online delivery partners Zomato | Swiggy
Food Cost 25%
Gross Profit Margin 75%

Support / Responsibility

1.1 We help in growing the brand.
1.2 We also offer initial equipment setup, raw materials, and other essentials.
1.3 Help in Setup
1.4 Training and Support
1.5 Delicious Menu
1.6 Marketing Support

Cost Bifurcation

costing for 300 -500 sq ft outlet
kitchen tools and accessories 50000
microwave 10000
wifi connection 2500
CCTV 25000
graffiti work 25000
POS/computer' 50000
printer 2 nos 25000
cash drawer 7000
u/C chiller 85000
Visi cooler 2 nos 80000
cooking range 45000
SS tables 45000
sink 20000
signage 50000
Electrical 75000
Civil 200000
menu printing 10000
TV 2 nos 50000
cash counter unit 60000
storage unit 30000
door 15000
chairs 35000
table (4 nos) 60000
Franchise Fees 500000
POS software 10000
painting 50000
AC 40000
graphic frames/ frafitti 10000
Launch marketing 75000
opening stock  as per requirement
Total 1739500

GST and Freight Extra



1. What is the cost of MINISTRY OF EGGS unit franchise?
The cost of unit franchise is Rs 6 lacs and the term of franchise agreement is 5 years

2. What is the investment required to set up a store?
The store investment is 10 lacs which includes kitchen set up as well as interiors work

3. How is the location for the outlet selected?
The company decides the location of the outlet depending on various factors like frontage, area, visibility, etc. If the prospective franchisee has its own location and it fits the company criteria then the same location can also be used

4. What is the area required to set up a MINISTRY OF EGGS store?
We need an area of 200-400 sq ft to set up a store

5. What is the support provided by the company?
The company helps in the entire set up of the store and operations which includes chef and manpower, design guidelines , operational guideline and tie up with various aggregators to enhance sale

6. How much is the royalty charged by MINISTRY OF EGGS?
We charge a royalty of 5% of the sale each month


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Surat, Mumbai

Blocked City


Ministry of Eggs, a quick-service restaurant which serves over 60 egg dishes to its customers, is located in cities like Surat and Mumbai. Love for eggs and its health benefits are the inspiration for this Mumbai origin brand.  

Flavours - Apart from your regular scrambled eggs and sunny side ups, they have an array of egg-celent dishes to try out. The menu showcases egg preparations inspired by different regions such as Australian, Russian and Chinese fry, egg khimchi salad, egg lachko, egg lahori combo, parsi akuri, Jamaican jerk roll, French Toast, etc. Along with this Ministry of Eggs also, offers a plethora of unique delectables like egg lazeez, egg lasan kachu, lemon paneer omelette, peri peri egg, egg biryani, egg mayo roll, egg paaplet, Anda Thali and more with unique flavours to satisfy your palate. 

Their aim is to create awareness about the health benefits we get from eggs alone. They serve quality food in hygienic conditions along with timely service which accelerates the growth and expansion of their business. 

Presentation- Ministry of Eggs pay attention to their presentation as well, when it comes to serving their innovative egg-centric dishes on the table. They follow and believe in quality packaging, quick service and fast delivery.

They have a FOFO Model for the expansion of their franchise business. It works well in the Food Court Model as it adds to the brand mix where meals are prepared and delivered quickly. The Delivery Model is specifically suitable for High Street locations, commercial complex where the home delivery is in demand. The Cafe Model is suitable for potential dine-ins and high street locations as the interiors would require seating facilities. 

The Ministry of Eggs puts forward appropriate Franchise support, including store operating procedures along with staff training to boost sales and growth of the business.

Mr. Nishant


Address: FCC-15, 3rd floor, food court, R City Mall, LBS marg, Ghatkopar west, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086

Contact for Ministry of Eggs

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