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Labaxy diagnostic

Category: Healthcare services
Company: Ranbaxy medical service pvt ltd.
Brand Origin: Andheri
Established Year: 2018
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 22-30 Months
Area: 500 Sq.Ft
Investment: 23 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 9
Google Rating: 4.5/5

About Us

At Ranbaxy Medical Services Pvt Limited, we innovate to support our business associates, clients, and customers to provide them with unique offerings either through quality-oriented diagnostic lab services or the most affordable franchisee lab model.

We believe in bringing a paradigm shift in medical healthcare knowledge to common men.

Our Laboratory Experts offer Lab results deeper analysis in association with Lab Analysts, which helps to know the hidden secrets in your blood test reports.

Established in 2018, Ranbaxy Medical Services Pvt Limited & its brand "Labaxy',Baxy Labs is an emerging Diagnostic Lab Network, expanding its reach through the Franchisee Lab model & supporting through highly experienced individuals in the field of Lab Diagnostic to grow their Lab business.

Team of more than 18 years of experience & subject expertise Future Plan - Pharmaceutical division.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Andheri, India
Business Automation Fully
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Category Laboratory
Space 500 to 1200 sq. ft
Franchise Model FOFO
Equipment & Infrastructure (Including furniture, fixtures, Reagents & other miscellaneous items INR 18Lac-30Lac
Franchise Fee INR 4.99 Lac
Total Investment INR 22.99 – 34.99 Lac
ROI 2 years
Royalty 15%

Products / Services

1.1 Offer test for Kidney,
1.2 Diabetes,
1.3 Thyroid,
1.4 Vitamin deficiency,
1.5 Liver,
1.6 Infertility,
1.7 Heart disease & others

Agreement & Training

Agreement Period 3 to 5 Years
Agreement renewal Fee Mutual discussion
License Fee INR 4.99 Lac+Service Tax
License Category Healthcare service
Staff Hiring Company
Staff Training Company
Staff Training Place Franchise Place
Staff Training period 2 Week
Number Of Staff 5 to 6 person

Support / Responsibility

Labaxy assists franchisees in all areas of the project. Some of these are: 
1.1 Preparation & understanding of project & project report.  
1.2 Site selection 
1.3 The interior design and architecture
1.4 Selection and procurement of medical equipment
1.5 Project coordination
1.6 Workforce screening and training
1.7 Information technology and systems
1.8 Marketing Strategy development
1.9 Assistance in Commissioning and pre-launch Activities


Sales Videos:-3-5Videos/month
1.1 Sales Promotion Videos
1.2 Doctor's test
1.3 Promotion video
1.4 Campaign Videos
1.5 Public Promotion Videos
1.6 Customize promotion videos (as per requirement and request)

Social Media Banner:-5-8 Banners/month
1.1 Sales Promotionbanners.
1.2 Doctor's test promotion  banners (Printable PDF)
1.3 Campaign BannersPublic Promotionbanner.
1.4 Customize promotion banners (as per requirement and request)
1.5 Days banners.

BrandingDesigns:-As & when Required
1.1 Lab outside & inside designs of branding will branding will be provided in open CDr(Printer version) format
1.2 Auth. Sample Collection
1.3 Center Standard designs of branding will be provided.
1.4 Any other designs required for branding whenever required will be provided as per request.

e- Booklets:-Updated every year
1.1 Sales Training e- booklet
1.2 will be provided to all sales teams of Lab after online training.
1.3 Lab Process booklet
1.4 Query Handling booklet

Flyers & Brochures:-500 Approx.).
1.1 SugarScore ScoreCard in hard copy will be provided.
1.2 Collection Center Expansion support flyers.
1.3 ANA Algorithm Flyer.Vit.D & Vit B12 Flyer
1.4 Other hard copy flyers as per update and requirement.

Report Stationary Designs:-As & When required
Standard and Board Approved Report Stationary andEnvelope designs will be provided in CDR(Printer) Format, which need to be printed locally at your cost.

WhatsApp Support for Query:-As & when Required
Customer queries can be directed to our whatsapp number & our support team will answer the query in coordination with respective Lab.
General Test Queries etc.

Soft Skill Training:-On Requirement basis:-
Training Mode : Online
For all Lab Staff



Why Franchisee Options?
There exists a tremendous opportunity in the Indian healthcare industry. This is clearly borne out by the following:
The size of the healthcare industry in India is just 5% of the GDP, as compared to the United States, where this figure stands as high as 17%. In fact, healthcare is the largest industry in the USA.
A study conducted by KSA Technopak, a leading global consulting firm indicates that in India, on average, 11% of the annual household income is spent on healthcare. Not only this, 25% of the people believe that this figure is likely to go up.
Further, the same study indicates that close to 68% of healthcare spending is on day-to-day healthcare needs alone.
The healthcare industry in India is expected to cross Rs.1000 billion in  the next three years.

The Role of Consumerism 
The wave across various sectors in India has led to a more demanding consumer, whose awareness levels have risen significantly in the last few years. The consumer now has greater expectations and demands regarding the quality of healthcare.
This is especially true of the quality of primary healthcare services available in the country today. Given the backdrop of extremely high fragmentation, reliability and accessibility continue to be a distant dream. The consumer's current experience with a host of diagnostic centers, which have little regard for quality, has been disappointing.

Today's consumer is sensitive to both - care and cure - and is hungry for information & services.. And he is willing to dig deeper into his pockets to get that extra reliability, reassurance and convenience & Cost-effectiveness.
There is only one logical conclusion to draw from all this. The healthcare industry, which is rightly perceived to be recession-proof, is set for unprecedented growth. And it offers some exciting opportunities in the area of laboratory diagnostic healthcare.

Who Can Be A Franchisee?
?Ranbaxy Medical Services Pvt Limited & it's brand Labaxy select its prospective franchisees with utmost care. We conduct an online screening &  thorough due diligence before finalizing a franchisee.

Some of the minimum requirements that a Labaxy  Franchisee must have are:
1.1 A high level of interest and commitment to healthcare as a business. 
1.2 Prior experience in successfully managing one's own business, preferably in the service industry
1.3 A strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to succeed. 
1.4 Adequate Financial Resources.
1.5 Ability to manage people.
1.6 A good social standing and reputation.

All our franchisees must also be:
1.1 Committed to the highest levels of service quality.
1.2 Willing to undergo rigorous training and a desire to learn various aspects of managing a diagnostic laboratory.
1.3 Genuinely interested in people and sensitive to his neighborhood's requirements.
1.4 Willing to devote time to the healthcare business

Why opt for a Lab Franchise?
1.1 To generate ? 50 Lacs in revenue & more than ? 25 Lacs Profit Each Year
1.2 Opportunity to join high-growth segment of healthcare services
1.3 Under ? 30 Lakhs investment including Upfront payment, equipment, raw materials & consumables.
1.4 Easy and early break-even adjust 30-33% of the projected capacity utilization
1.5 You can use your existing space & labor
1.6 Professional training and
1.7 support through online & phone support
1.8 You can leverage your existing brand presence & footfall to make additions & consistent income flow
1.9 Your own efforts & our support will help you to develop business




Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Rewa, Shahdol, Sidhi, Durg, Raigarh, Sambalpur, Garhwal, Andheri, Bhilai

Blocked City


Brand Support:- With the help of our brand and trademarks, you will be in a position to compete with existing players and increase your revenue by 30%.
Lab Setup Support:- We will help you right from Lab design, Infrastructure, vendor contracting, equipment & other items SELECTION list through ONLINE/ TELEPHONIC/EMAIL MODE, Onsite visit charges shall be extra
Lab SOP:- SOPS, Quality Policies & other standardization to monitor and improve in-house Quality of Lab essential for credibility.OnRequest basis
OutSource Test:- We will help you to arrange reporting of all tests not available at your franchise lab to our nearest tied-up Labs at highly discounted prices.


Mr. Sharad Mishra


Address: Ranbaxy Medical Services Pvt Limited,Times Square, 7th & 8th Floor, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400069 ( Mh), India

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