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Category: Ice cream
Company: IFruit
Brand Origin: Mumbai
Established Year: 2017
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 250 Sq.Ft
Investment: 7 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 50
Google Rating: 3.5/5

About Us

iFruit is a retail business owned and operated by Avi Products India Limited (BSE Stock Code : APIL : 523896). At iFruit, we are a new generation retail business providing high quality innovative Ice Creams, Desserts and Snacks. We are one of the fastest growing retail businesses in our product domain and are very rapidly expanding across India. With business outlets and Franchisees in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Rewari, Kurnool, Nagpur, Ahmedabad Surat and many other cities in India, we have presence in metros as well as Tier II and Tier III cities. Our wide and diverse product range ensures a mutually profitable business relationship with our franchisees. Our franchisees are continuously growing in number as well as size of business.

Over the next 5 years we target on becoming India’s largest non-cold chain supported Ice Cream and Dessert business. And as we continue to move towards this goal our franchisees will also grow profitably. We are always looking for opportunities to expand into newer areas in terms of Franchise Growth as well as for increasing our product offerings.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI, Gumasta
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Mumbai, India
Business Automation
Business Involvement

Franchise Model

We are only in FOFO Model




250 Sq.ft.

Setup Cost

7 Lakhs

Franchise Fee

0 Lakhs

Total Investment

7 Lakhs


16 months



As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Existing City

Blocked City


iFruit is an amazing restaurant, shop, food and beverage outlet; that offers its customers ice-creams in a variety of forms like swirls, rolls, sundaes and many other ice-cream desserts.

In ice creams we serve Fusion ice cream, Ice cream cake fusions, Waffle ice cream sandwich, Gourmet waffles with ice cream and Honeybell mawa cake ice cream fusion.

In desserts we serve Special milk frostie, Normal milk frostie, waffles, Fruity waffles specialties, Chocolate waffles and Special milk frosties.

We also have Chocolate rollies, Premium rollies, Fruit rollies, other flavor rollies, Italian sorbets, Normal and Fruit Italian sorbets.

Our machinery involves Rollie ice cream machine (1 and 2 plates), Soft serve machine and Batch freezer.

We also use equipments like Candy and Cone waffle machine, Kulfi/Candy and Belgium waffle machine and Milk shake blender.

Our Ice cream rolls are adapted from Thailand street food concept with Milk, Fresh Fruits, Chocolates and Condiments mixed on a cold metal plate, so that fresh and tangy ice-creams are available.

Ice Cream Candies/Kulfi is made by putting our premix/sharbat/chocolate paste into the candy moulds which can produce 40 Candies/Kulfis in 15 minutes.

We provide recipes of various waffle combos like Nutella Waffle, Strawberry Waffle, Chocolate Chips Waffle etc.

Our outlets are successfully established in Mumbai, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Pune.

We do not take royalty or commission on sale and profit.

We firmly believe in the motto that learning and development is mandatory in a path to success so we ensure that Head chef along with the entire team is provided with the required training.

We believe in teamwork and will stand with you in each step wherever you need us. We will help you find the perfect location, handy software, smart supply chain management, and best kitchen setup.

We have our in the house marketing team and have collaborated with leading marketing firms to ensure “iFruit remains the recognized Ice cream brand serving Zara hatke”.


Complete Training will be provide by Brand.


Agreement Terms : 5 years



Address: Mumbai

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