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Humpty Dumpty

Category: Apparel fashion
Company: Humpty Dumpty
Brand Origin: New Delhi
Established Year: 2014
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 250 Sq.Ft
Investment: 12 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 4
Google Rating: 4.1/5

About Us

The clothing industry, especially one dealing with kids, is one of the fastest-growing businesses. Coupled with kids’ accessories, nursery, babycare needs, and toys, you will get an unbeatable combination. We are one of the most popular brands when it comes to all kids’ related items. Children are our future, and your children are our priority for us. The brand aims to provide an amazing world where all varieties of kids’ products are available under one roof. With a deep understanding of the customer psyche and constant product innovation, the company is all set to expand its products and services to cater to a wider audience range. The company was founded in 2014 by a like-minded group of professionals. The diverse experience of the founders in different domains is one of the USPs of the organization.

HDV’s brand mission is to "be our customers' favorite place and the way to shop."Our operations have been aligned around a strategy called the ‘Plan to Win’ centering on the Two basics of an exceptional customer experience – People, Products, Place, Price, and Promotion. We are committed to improving our operations and enhancing our customers' experience.

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FIRE
Main Product Baby Care, Toys, Games, Footwear
Logo Trademark
Country/Region New Delhi, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially

Franchise Model

Franchise investment details
Business Type Micro Store Mini Store Mega Store
Space 250-350 sq.ft. 450-500 sq.ft. 800 sq.ft.and above
Franchise Fee INR 1.5 Lacs INR 2 Lacs INR 3 Lacs
Store Setup Cost INR 3-4 Lacs INR 5-7 Lacs INR 7-10 Lacs
Initial stock Cost INR 7-8 Lacs INR 12-13 Lacs INR 20-22 Lacs
Total Investment INR 12-14 Lacs INR 20-35 Lacs INR 30-35 Lacs
ROI 37-39% 37-39% 37-39%

Products / Services

Baby Care,
Toys and Games,
Travel and Safety,
Nursery, Etc.

Agreement & Training

Agreement Year 5 Years
Agreement Renewal Fee NIL
Royalty NIL

Support / Responsibility

1.1 Complete set up of Store 2-3 days before its opening.
1.2 Complete Sales and product training for the Sales Staff of the Store.
1.3 Effective Marketing activity on the Opening of the Store.
1.4 Excellent Stock correction policy for increasing liquidity and lowering DEAD stock.
1.5 Excellent Festive and EOSS discounts OFFER by the Company with very little participation of the franchisee.
1.6 POS Software and its training of Leading Technology companies at ZERO cost.
1.7 Supply of 200 Carry bags at ZERO Cost.
1.8 Regular monthly / Quarterly marketing activity of the store to increase footfall.


Who we are?

1.1 Founded in 2014 by a dynamic group of professionals with rich experience in their respective domains.
1.2 Emergence in the retail market with its first store in April 2014 in New Delhi.
1.3 Franchise business in Jan 2016. Now with a pan-India Presence.
1.4 Key Facts - International style/apparel, top-notch quality, and affordable pricing.
1.5 Offering complete baby care solutions for kids aged 0-6 years.

Why Humpty Dumpty?
1.1 HD is an ideal place for kids, parents, and soon-to-be-parents. The aim is to be the one-stop destination for anything and everything related to kids, managing everything till they are juniors.
1.2 We consider our franchisees as “ PARTNERS” not investors. Have complete sensitivity to their growth and viability.
1.3 Flexible franchisee options as per the space available with the franchisee.
1.4 Offers more than 150 domestic and international brands across all product
1.5 Offers products for both masses and classes with a good range of price band
1.6 Highest ROI in the given Retail Category across all available retail Brands
1.7 Lucrative Purchase return policy to avoid any stock getting dead. The store is always filled with the latest and fresh collection of goods.

Why this business?
1.1 India produces 25 million babies per annum. Growing and a huge market for babies & kids.
1.2 Complete need-based “ GROCERY STORE “ store for the little ones.
1.3 Highest repeat customer Retail business. More than 60% of customers come back for various needs.
1.4 No compromise for kids by parents in their parenting. They Give the best as per their capacity.
1.5 Industry growth getting pushed with the help of kid's character in every segment


Brand Origin

New Delhi

Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

New Delhi

Blocked City

Franchise Norms

• High footfall locations like malls, high streets or regional markets.
• Preferably situated on the ground floor with lift access to higher floors.
• Convenient locations in residential layouts promising high visibility.
• Location can be rented or owned by the investor.

Mr. Arjun Singh


Address: A 113 DDA Sheds, 2nd, Floor Okhla Industrial Area – 2, New Delhi - 110020

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