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Gelato Italiano

Category: Ice cream
Company: Gelato Italiano
Brand Origin: Mumbai
Established Year: 2006
Business Type: Kiosk
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 200 Sq.Ft
Investment: 15 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 31
Google Rating: 4.2/5

About Us

Gelato has redefined the ice cream eating culture world wide. Because it is a natural, fresher and a more nutritious, low fat version of industrial ice cream, people are substituting it and indulging in it instead of Ice Cream.
Gelato generically has a universal audience- it is consumed by a small child who could be a year old or even an adult that is 90 yrs of age. It is loved by all from all walks of life! Moreover, it is a healthier option to ice cream and nowadays nearly everybody is health conscious!
Gelato is now an international trend- it is the second most important after espresso and cappuccino. There are several gelato shops across the USA, successful gelato franchise chains in Australia, the Far and Middle-East, most of Western and Eastern Europe. The gelato culture is spreading very quickly around the globe and in India it is a brand new concept in an untouched, virgin market.

Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI, Gumasta
Main Product VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, Ice Cream, swiss chocolate, belgium chocolate, madagascar fine chocolate, yogurt, wild berry , new york cheesecake, royal kulfi, gauvava
Logo Trademark Yes
Country/Region Mumbai, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

We are only in FOFO Model        

Franchise Investment

Space 100 Sqft
Equipment INR 5.75 Lakhs
Store Making INR 5.75 Lakhs
Interior INR 1 Lakh
Franchise Fee INR 2.5 Lakhs
Total Investment INR 15 Lakhs
Royality 4%
ROI 18-24 months

As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Master Franchise

Master Franchise: will be given to a specific territory and can be discussed over the call upon request.

Products / Services

1.1 Swiss Chocolate
1.2 Vanila
1.3 Belgium Chocolate,sw
1.4 Butterscotch
1.5 Madagascar Fine Chocolate,
1.6 Yogurt
1.7 Wild Berry 
1.8 New York Cheesecake.
1.9 Royal Kulfi
1.10 Gauvava etc.

Agreement & Training

Agreement 5 years
Agreement renewable Mutual discussion
Training By Brand
Training Duration 7 Days


No of employees 3
Skilled 2
Non- Skilled 1

NOTE- Store Manager – 1 nos,
            Team Member – 3 nos


Support / Responsibility

• Site sourcing & Finalization
• Advise on Rental Negotiation
• Store design & BOQ
• Vendor Sourcing

• Staff & franchisee training
• Marketing launch plan- Activity, schedule etc.
• Food Cost Support
• Company manpower support for launch ( 15days)

• Operations team Visit: minimum once a month
• Audit : of Store operations & SOP
• Training-refresher visits
• Team visit


Marketing Activities:
Creating effective marketing activities for Gelato Italiano involves a mix of online and offline strategies to engage with the target audience. Here are some marketing activities tailored for Gelato Italiano:
Social Media Campaigns:
Launch engaging campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Share visually appealing images and videos of Gelato Italiano's unique flavors and behind-the-scenes processes.
Run contests or giveaways to encourage user-generated content and participation.
Influencer Collaborations:
Partner with local influencers or food bloggers to create buzz around Gelato Italiano.Have influencers share their favorite Gelato Italiano flavors and experiences with their followers.
Loyalty Programs:
Implement a loyalty program to reward repeat customers.
Offer discounts, free toppings, or exclusive flavors for loyal customers who accumulate points through purchases.
Seasonal Promotions:
Introduce seasonal flavors and promotions to keep the menu fresh and attract customers throughout the year.
Tie promotions to holidays, festivals, or local events to create a sense of occasion.
Tasting Events:
Host tasting events within the store or at local community events.
Allow customers to sample new flavors, promoting both engagement and customer feedback.
Collaborations with Local Businesses:
Partner with nearby cafes, restaurants, or businesses for joint promotions or special offers.
Cross-promote each other to reach a wider audience.
Community Engagement:
Sponsor or participate in local events, festivals, or charity initiatives.
Connect with the community by hosting gelato-making workshops or participating in local fundraisers.
Online Presence Enhancement:
Optimize the Gelato Italiano website for search engines (SEO) to increase online visibility.
Maintain an updated and user-friendly website with a menu, store locations, and online ordering options.
Email Marketing:
Build and maintain an email subscriber list to share promotions, new flavor launches, and exclusive offers.
Send regular newsletters to keep customers informed and engaged.
Interactive Menu Displays:
Implement interactive menu displays in-store, showcasing flavors and allowing customers to customize their orders.
Use digital displays to feature customer testimonials or highlight the gelato-making process.
Mobile App Development:
Create a mobile app for Gelato Italiano with features like loyalty tracking, exclusive app-only offers, and easy online ordering.
Customer Feedback Surveys:
Conduct regular surveys to gather customer feedback on flavors, service, and overall experience.
Use feedback to make improvements and show customers their opinions are valued.
Public Relations (PR):
Develop relationships with local media outlets to secure coverage for Gelato Italiano.
Share press releases about new store openings, menu updates, or collaborations.
Educational Content:
Create engaging content on the Gelato Italiano blog or social media platforms, educating customers about the art of gelato making, flavor profiles, and the use of quality ingredients.
Mobile and Geotargeted Advertising:
Utilize mobile advertising and geotargeting to reach potential customers in the vicinity of Gelato Italiano locations.
Run location-based promotions to attract foot traffic.
Tailoring these marketing activities to the specific preferences of your target audience and regularly analyzing their effectiveness will help Gelato Italiano build a strong brand presence and customer loyalty.


Cost Bifurcation

Food Cost 45%
Avg Rent 15%
Electricity Charges 2%
Staff Salaries 10%
License Fee 1%
Direct Marketing 1%
Royality 4%
Other Cost 4%


1.1 What is the Food Cost percentage that that I have to pay Gelato ITALIANO?
• The Food Cost is 45% markdown on Net Price ( without Taxes)
• These are supplied on NO return basis. We deliver a minimum of 1 kg.
• 1kg of Gelato is approximately 13-14 scoops / kg. and some for Free Tasting purposes.
• Orders need to be placed at least 1 week in advance.

1.2 What is the Franchisee Fee ? Are there any recurring charges?
• A one-time non-refundable franchisee fee of Rs. 2.00 lac (plus applicable taxes) is required. Additionally, there is a 4% monthly royalty. Furthermore, a one-time store design fee of Rs. 1 lac is applicable.

1.3 What is the Approx. CAPEX of the Outlet?
• The CAPEX would vary from outlet to outlet and each location. A basic understanding       can be had with the following Approximations:
• Equipment & SOE :- Approx 5 Lacs
• Kiosk (64Sqfeet) / Civil (150 Sq feet) :- Approx 5 Lacs
• POS :- 0.65 lac
• Contingency :- 0. 50 Lac

1.4 Who will provide for the machine?
Gelato ITALIANO will provide a list of all available and recommended machines along with their respective prices. From this list the franchisee has to choose the machine best suited for your needs

1.5 What will be the marketing support?
Gelato ITALIANO will provide some marketing support during launch in terms of sms and Digital/ social media. Gelato ITALIANO will provide flyers at cost in the future.
Design will be done free of cost for regular promotions by Pan Gelato ITALIANO.
Any special promotion has to be approved by Gelato ITALIANO and the design of the same might be charged.

1.6 Will I have to take part in the flavor of the month offer and other offer?
 The flavor of the month is a key marketing tool for Gelato ITALIANO by virtue of which we are able to attract several guests.

1.7 Will I have to take part in other promotions?
• Yes. These are nationwide promotions and all outlets have to participate in them.

1.8 What will be the costs of consumables, spoons, cups, uniforms, etc.?
Gelato ITALIANO will provide the same at cost. Approximately 3-4% of sales.

1.9 Where will I get the waffle mix from?
Waffle mix shall be provided by Gelato ITALIANO at cost.

1.10 Who will design the outlet? Also who will construct the outlet?
We have a standard template having the material and design specifications. We will provide the same. We have an internal projects and design team which can be availed at cost. Also the franchisee can execute the project of the outlet himself as long as the given specs provided the outlet design and material gets approved by us.The final project once completed has to be approved by the company , post which only the supplies will be given.

1.11 What is the situation on training?
All Franchisees and their staff must be trained by Gelato ITALIANO.The first training of the will be done free of cost, prior to opening of outlet and for regular training for 15 days, post which all the trainings will be done at the cost of the Franchisee. They could avail of free training by sending their staff to Company training sessions at their cost.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Indore, Vadodara, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, vishakhapattanam

Existing City

Indore, Raipur, Ahmadabad, Panchkula, Amravati, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Nashik , Pune , Udaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, Goregaon, Malad, Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Bangalore, Hoogly

Blocked City

Target Customer

Target Customer Definition:
Targeting the right customers is crucial for the success of Gelato Italiano. Here are potential target customer segments for Gelato Italiano:
Gelato Enthusiasts:
Individuals who have a specific preference for high-quality, artisanal gelato.Those who appreciate the authenticity and traditional methods of Italian gelato preparation.
Families and Children:
Families seeking a delightful and premium dessert experience for special occasions or family outings.
Children attracted to the vibrant and unique flavors offered by Gelato Italiano.
Young Professionals:
Working individuals, especially in urban areas, looking for a premium and indulgent treat during breaks or after work.
Those who value unique and Instagram-worthy dessert experiences.
Visitors and tourists looking to explore local flavors and indulge in authentic Italian gelato.
Tourist locations and popular travel destinations can be prime locations for Gelato Italiano outlets.
Couples and Date Nights:
Couples seeking a romantic and indulgent dessert experience.
Gelato Italiano can position itself as a go-to place for date nights and special occasions.
Health-Conscious Consumers:
Individuals who are health-conscious but still want to enjoy a delicious treat.
Gelato, with its lower fat content compared to traditional ice cream, can appeal to health-conscious consumers.
Foodies and Culinary Explorers:
Food enthusiasts who actively seek unique and premium culinary experiences.
Those who appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity in gelato flavors.
Event Catering:
Targeting events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings for gelato catering services.
Offering catering services for special events to showcase Gelato Italiano's premium offerings.
Fitness Enthusiasts:
Providing options for fitness-conscious individuals with low-sugar or dairy-free gelato varieties.
Capitalizing on the growing demand for healthier dessert alternatives.
Students from nearby schools and universities looking for a trendy and flavorful dessert option.
Offering student discounts or promotions to attract this demographic.
Local Communities:
Engaging with and becoming a part of the local community by participating in events and sponsorships.
Collaborating with local businesses and organizations to enhance community ties.
Understanding the specific preferences, lifestyles, and behaviors of these target customer segments will help Gelato Italiano tailor its marketing strategies, menu offerings, and overall brand positioning for maximum appeal. Regularly gathering feedback and staying attuned to changing consumer trends will also be essential in maintaining a strong connection with the target audience.

Mr. Dinesh Salavkar


Address: Murzban Rd, Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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