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Category: Grocery supermarket
Company: Farmley
Brand Origin: Noida
Established Year: 2017
Business Type: Kiosk
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 9-12 Months
Area: 120 Sq.Ft
Investment: 5 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 30
Google Rating: 4.5/5

About Us

 "Farmley is a full stack nuts & dry fruits brand. We provide complete assortment of dry fruits that blend into health and taste. "Farmley is a dry-fruits and nuts specialist procuring the best quality from over 5000+ farmers.

This helps us to:
1.1 Deliver the best quality, adulteration-free products to the customer at competitive prices.
1.2 Drive maximum value to the farmer community by eliminating middlemen.

Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI
Main Product DRY FRUIT,Snacks
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Noida, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Part Time

Franchise Model

Franchise investment details
Business Type SIS (Store in Store) Model  
Space 100-120 sq.ft.    
Franchise Fee INR 75 Thousand    
Store Setup Cost INR 1 Lacs    
Initial stock Cost INR 2.5 Lacs    
Total Investment INR 4.25 Lacs (min)    
Model FOFO    
ROI 12 Months    

Products / Services

1.1 Dry fruits
1.2 Nuts and seeds
1.3 Snacking items
1.4 Gifting range

Agreement & Training

Agreement Year 3 years
Agreement Renewal Fee NIL
Royalty NIL
Training Period 5 days
No. of Staff 1-2

Support / Responsibility

Farmley will provide complete support to set up and operate an Store in Store (SIS)

1.1 Store Development

2.1 Product inventory planning
2.2 Marketing plan & execution

3.1 Consistent product supplies
3.2 Store audits and advisory

4.2 Stock rotation, correction, and clearance sales
4.3 Return of non-selling stock for 90 days



1.1 Pamphlets distribution
1.2 Free sampling of products
1.3 Canopy and Standee promotions
1.4 Festive discounts & promotions

Cost Bifurcation

Inventory/Product Cost INR 2.5Lacs
Rent Cost INR 15k
Salary INR 12k (1 Staff)
Marketing Cost As per current scenario
Miscellaneous Cost INR 2k
Net Profit Margin INR 1 Lacs
Gross Profit Margin INR 70k


Why Farmely?

1.1  India Nuts & Dry Fruits Industry: US$ 2.5 Bn, accounting for 3% of Global demand.
1.2  With rising disposable income, dry fruits are moving from a luxury to a necessity category.
1.3 Healthy food products and dry fruits help in developing a good immune system.

Brand Strength: 
1.1  Strong proof of concept with 5 company-owned outlets and 25 franchise store in multiple cities.
1.2 Strong leadership, experience, expertise, and team strength.
1.3  Making people aware of a wide range of healthy products.
1.4 Serving chemical and preservative-free products.
1.5 Offering the finest quality & variety of Healthy, Nutritious, and Authentic dry fruit items.

Franchisee Benefits:
1.1  Reasonable price points and good profit margins
1.2  150+ Best Quality Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and it is increasing...
1.3  Optimized supply chain strategy
1.4  Low investment and attractive returns
1.5 Complete support to set up and operate an Store in Store (SIS)

1.1 Training session on SOPs
1.2 Store marketing support from the brand
1.3 Return of non-selling stocks for 90 days
1.4 Key Account Manager to maintain seamless contact

Why Do We Exist?
The truth is that the packaged food industry needs to be set right, and that’s why we exist.
Consumers, like you and us, pay a hefty amount for good quality, clean, tasty & nutritious food. However, if we look deep enough, we realize that only a tiny part of it goes toward the food we eat. Assume we pay 100 for a pack of healthy snacks. Out of which, 35-40 would go towards brand endorsements, 10 might go towards packaging, and another 20 towards different middlemen/margins. What remains is a tiny portion that businesses call the “cost of goods”. This also leads to the adulteration of food to save on food costs. If even 75% of what we pay, went towards the food we eat – it would be much cleaner, tastier, and more nutritious.

This is exactly what we are to solve. Over the past 6 years, we have invested in building the deepest backend linkages directly with the best farms, not only in India – but across the world. Our relentless product team along with farming leaders have innovated across product categories. Thanks to them, we are able to deliver:


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Indore, West Delhi, Navsari, Gurgaon, Pune , Bharatpur, Jaunpur, Noida

Blocked City


1.1 High-quality, adulteration-free products to the end customer at competitive prices
1.2 Drive maximum value to the farmer community by eliminating middlemen
So go forward, and indulge. Healthy snacking, delightful sweets, crunchy nuts, exotic berries and so much more. We have ensured that with every purchase, you will be making a great impact in the lives of our 5000+ farmer community.



Address: Farmley, Ground floor, VJ Business Tower Plot No. A-6, Sector 125, Noida, UP - 201303

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