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Edify School

Category: Formal education
Company: MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd
Brand Origin: Hyderabad
Established Year: 2006
Business Model: FOCO, FICO, FOFO
ROI: 36-45 Months
Area: 87120 Sq.Ft
Investment: 10 Crore
Franchise Outlets: 30
Google Rating: 4.2/5

About Us

DRS Group is a renowned business house with well diversified interests in areas of transportation, logistics, domestic relocation,warehousing and education with a combined turnover that exceeds 500 Crores. With over three decades in the business, constantly pushing the barriers and setting benchmarks, the group is recipient of numerous awards and accolades for its path-breaking innovations and practices. Our brand name is synonymous with "Trust and Quality Service". The group is chaired by Mr. Dayanand Agarwal ably supported by his sons Mr. AK Agarwal, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and his grandsonMr.Garv Agarwal.

Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type
Main Product Visual and auditory processing and memory, Sports, Primary-K12, Library, labs, national & forgein language choice, amphitheatre and collaboration zones
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Hyderabad, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details        
Space 3-5 Acres 3-5 Acres 2-3 Acres 5 Acres
Construction 1 Lac Sqft 90 K Sqft 70 K sqft 1.2 Lacs Sqft
Capcity(over 5 years) 1640 Student 1640 Student 1440 Student 1640 Student
Total Investment INR 12 Crores INR 10-12 Crores INR 10-12 Crores INR 20-22 Crores

Products / Services

  1. National Board (CBSE)
  2. Air Conditioned Campus and buses
  3. A minimum of 8 sports, 8 performing and
  4. visual arts & 8 clubs.
  5. Multiple subject combination choices min-16
  6. Labs (3 Science), EVS, Math, ICT (1), language(1)
  7. National tours and exchange programs
  8. International Faculty
  9. Wi-fi enabled campus
  10. 2 Libraries with 1:20 student: book
  11. 4 National & foreign language choices
  12. Safe & monitored campus
  13. Amphitheatre and collaboration zones
  14. Over 10 Parent Connect programs
  15. (including Home PTM)
  16. Canteen facility (with breakfast, lunch & Snacks)
  17. Minimum 6 field trips in a year
  18. 1:15 teacher student ratio
  19. Technology aided academic delivery
  20. Mobile App for parent communication
  21. Medical facility with visiting doctor

Agreement & Training

Agreement years 20 Years
Agreement renewable Mutual Discussion
Training Place Online/ Offline
ROI 30-40%
Affiliation CBSE /IB / IGCSE

Support / Responsibility

1.1 Turnkey Setup
1.2 Project Feasibity Reports
1.3 Legal Add
1.4 School Architecture
1.5 Recruitment
1.6 Employment Training
1.7 Mentoring & Monitring
1.8 Action Plans
1.8 Addmission Stratgies
1.9 Innovative Programs
1.10 Process Oriented (SOPs)
1.11 School Audit
1.12 Stratetgic Planning
1.13 University Placement cell
1.14 Procrutment & Budget
1.15 School Managment software/app
1.16 Academic Support
1.17 Statoury Compliance


Edify provides with creative marketing collaterals for every small event or activity that takes place inside and outside the campus, that are required to grab the right attention & amplify the reach of schools. Media support involves advertising the brand name on national level through ATL activations and Print media to create a longer lasting
impression. By utilising the right marketing tactics, schools can increase their visibility, communicate more effectively with their audience, attract more students, and improve their overall brand awareness.


Why Edify Education Franchise

Starting a new business always takes 3-4 years in break even and requires huge capital. Franchising provides an excellent opportunity for rapid expansion without an enormous outlay of capital. By becoming a franchisee, an individual or an entity is legally allowed to sell goods, services or concepts that are offered by the franchisor. It’s always a wise and fruitful decision to become a franchise and gain from experience of a company and successful business model. Reasons to take a franchise

1.1 Lower Cost & Faster Expansion
1.2 Track record of Success
1.3 Strong Brand Image
1.4 Training Programs
1.5 Ongoing Operational Support

  • Edify Schools are known for their academic excellence, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. The schools have excellent infrastructure which includes spacious Libraries, Wonder Rooms, Music Rooms, English Labs, Math Labs and Science Labs. The extensive use of technology for teaching, and learning through researching, makes the entire learning process both enriching as well as effective.
  • We provide a comprehensive hands on solutions approach, right from inception, planning, implementation and ongoing operations.
  • Edify Education focuses on building communication among all our Edify Schools and extends comprehensive and seamless services.
  • Managed by an able team of personnel which includes academicians, technology and design experts as well as content developers, our team supports our franchisee at each stage of the operations.
  • Edify schools utilize the unique 3C planned methodology in their philosophy and practices. We provide a well structured curriculum which has been designed systematically with rich content, a diverse style of approach, and a flexible and focused methodology, with well defined learning outcomes.
  • A lot of research and development by a team of dedicated and committed professionals has gone into developing the 3C curriculum, which ensures the overall development of the young learners. This in turn equips them with the ability to face any challenge or uncertainty that they may face in their future.



Brand Origin


Expansion City

North Goa, South Goa, Gwalior, Indore, Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar, Uttar Kannada, Mumbai, Pune , Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Pan India, Bangalore

Existing City

Indore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Warangal, Bangalore

Blocked City


Space 8-10 Acres
Construction 2-3 Lacs Sqft
Capcity(over 5 years) 900 Student
Total Investment INR 30 Cores




Address: MDN Edify Education (P) Ltd, Campus, Survey No. 523, Opp.Apparel Park, Gundla Pochampally, Medchal Mandal, R.R. District, Telangana, India - 500 100.

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