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Deshee Katta

Category: Restaurant
Company: Utopia Business Group.
Brand Origin: Pune
Established Year: 2019
Business Type: Casual Dining
Business Model: FOCO, FOFO
ROI: 22-30 Months
Area: 800 Sq.Ft
Investment: 15 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 4
Google Rating: 4.1/5

About Us

Deshee Katta is the brainchild of Harshada, who is an electronic engineer herself has always been passionate about educating people about the local Khandeshi food prepared with age-old recipes made by her grandmother and mother! Deshee Katta has always had the vision to bring unadulterated and homely food and which takes them back to their roots with the simplicity of spices right from the homes of Vidarbha & Khandesh!

Deshee Katta believes in the power of good food and quality experience!

In our 3 years of delivering our best, we have inculcated values like consistency, value for money, and authenticity in our brand.

Savour the flavours like never before and fall in love with the simplicity of our spices that take you on a journey of what Deshee Katta has to offer.

"We aim at bridging the gap between homely food and audience who loves comfort food through our brand. Deshee Katta offers varied authentic dishes like vangyacha Bharti with bhakri, Waradi Chicken and so many other preparations that will give you a food experience in every bite!"

Serving Style 

We serve in 'pathavlya' which is made from dried banyan leaves which are the authentic utensils used in villages that are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable! Moreover, We have clay dishes, bowls, glasses, and jars to serve water which makes even the water taste here much sweeter than the bottled water.


All these factors not only ensure that the customer gets the original vibes they will experience when they visit Vidarbh or Khandesh region but also has many health and environment-friendly benefits! Earthern pots add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and sulphur to food, which is extremely beneficial to our body. The slow cooking process at Deshee Katta retains all the nutrients of the food that we cook and hence the food is much tastier.



We believe that great food is made only when the quality of ingredients is perfect!


We ensure that all grain, flour is 100% pure and we grind it to maintain the consistency of our rotis and bhakris!


Vidarbha & Khandesh region has preparations which need specific spices which are actually made in-house which enhances the taste and makes us unique in our own way!

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type FSSAI, Gumasta
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Pune , India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Fulltime
GST No 27AEUPJ4999M1Z9

Franchise Model



Menu what Deshee Katta will offer will have breakfast/lunch/ dinner. So outlet will be in demand throughout the whole day. Which will make the recovery of investment so easy.

Breakfast + lunch + dinner = Footfall

Footfall = Recovery

Franchise Investment Details

Outlet Model


Space in SQFT

800sq ft

Interior Cost

Include total investment

Equipment Cost

Include total investment

Licenses Cost

INR 60,000

Franchise Fee

INR 23,00,00

Marketing Cost

INR 50,000

Total Investment

INR 15,000,00


3% FOFO & FOCO 20% of net profit



Monthly working Capital

INR 20,00,00

No Staff required

4 and for QSR 12

Rent Analysis

Depend upon area

Initial Raw Material Cost

INR 50,000


As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)



Support / Responsibility

Agreement Term

5 year

Agreement Renewal Fee

Depends on relation

Profit Margin


Master Franchise status


Raw material provided


Marketing responsibility


Recruitment responsibility




Franchise Support

- Site Finder and Finalizing assistance

- Architectural Support

- In-depth Training

- Provision of Opening Team and Standards of Operation Mystery Audits & Surveys

- Consulting & Coaching

- Supply Chain Guidance

- Marketing Tool Kit and Guidance (franchisee will take care of local promotion)

Steps to Franchise

1. Understand the concept and clear all the doubts regarding the franchise model also meet the team.

2. Sign the LOI and freeze the location rights of your city. 3. Search the possible sites or locations and call us for the site

3. inspection and finalization.

4. Sign the Legal Franchise Agreement.

5. Receive the site layout and plan.

6. Restaurant Interior starts along with hiring, training, and pre

opening preparations.

7. Grand Opening of your restaurant in 60 to 75 days from the

previous step.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Mumbai, Pune

Blocked City

Market Study

Whenever scientific researchers have come up with balanced and nutritious derivatives, Indian cuisine has always been on the top amongst these as the elements, process of cooking, and natural ingredients used to bring together the whole cuisine! The market is always demanding food that is innovative or lesser-known. Nowadays, the fitness outlook everyone has now, is making them look for healthier food while not compromising on taste.

Deshee Katta completely meets these voids in the Indian Food Market in terms of demand and potential of Indian cuisine to reach the masses and foodies who want to taste the flavors that are authentic and right from the land of Vidarbha & Khandesh which has spices that are rather undiscovered. In such a scenario, Deshee Katta does the exact work of making food available for which the market has an audience and will stand out from the foreign brands which are flooding the Indian markets right now and not giving any value for nutrition.

Harshada Yogesh Jagtap


Address: 416-418, Akurdi Railway Station Rd, Sector Number 33, Sector No. 27, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411044

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