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DC Car Studio

Category: Automotive
Company: DC Car Studio
Brand Origin: Aurangabad
Established Year: 2010
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 18-22 Months
Area: 1000 Sq.Ft
Investment: 12 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 68
Google Rating: 4.2/5

About Us

 DC CAR STUDIO is a professional mechanized cleaning solution and car detailing service. In a drive to revolutionize the concept of car cleaning in the country and create a Clean Car Culture.  Presently, there are numerous coating companies in the market, but none of them provide any detailed information about their products. Our approach is to keep the customer well-informed, right from what the coating is all about to its maintenance in order to extend the coating life.
DC CAR STUDIO provides a first hand experience of the best car care solutions developed and tested. We want everyone to access the latest technology in the market.

Dc Car Studio Mission
DC Car Studio is dedicated to protecting car’s showroom finish for a classy, clean and the environment for a brighter future through utilizing a unique chemical-free, steam cleaning process. We meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner.
Our Vision:-
DC Car Studio Technology Advancing Every Company
DC Car Studio Enhancing Every Home
DC Car Studio Improving Every Life

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type
Main Product Complete Car Wash, Foam wash, Dent Paint, General Service, Full diesel washing
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Aurangabad, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Car Detailing service
Space 1000-1200 Sq.ft.
Setup Cost INR 13.80 Lacs
Franchise Fee INR 3 lacs
Total Investment INR 16.80 Lacs
Franchisee Model FOFO
Royalty NIL
ROI 50-70%

As per government rule, GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Products / Services

1.1 Ceramic Coating
1.2 Car Denting
1.3 Car Painting
1.4 Car Wrapping
1.5 Hydro Dipping
1.6 Paint Protection Film (Ppf)
1.7 Deep Cleaning
1.8 Foam Wash
1.9 Steam Wash

Agreement & Training

Agreement period 3 years
Agreement renewal fee no
No of staff 4
Staff Training place on-site
Staff Training period 8 days

Support / Responsibility

1.1 Powerful business processes for high productivity
Technical and soft skill training for quality service delivery
1.2 Our managers on the field for helping you make the business successful
1.3 Marketing programs for helping you drive traffic to the stores
1.4 Strategy team to understand the business and give it the right direction.


A) DC CAR STUDIO Wash will assist you in developing a budget for your local marketing program. In addition, DC CAR STUDIO provides its franchise owners with ongoing marketing support through our Active Marketing Program (AMP).
B) AMP is a program implemented by the DC CAR STUDIO home office once you complete the initial training program. AMP gives you ongoing listings on specific lead generation through websites and Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns, SMS blasts, and email campaigning, allowing you more time to productively manage the critical day-to-day operations of your business.
C) Our support staff is waiting to assist you with any aspect of the business.
You will also have access to our library of resource material including our: Start-up, Operation, Technical, Employee, and Marketing manuals. These manuals, help manage every aspect of your business from day-to-day to long-term planning. The manuals are written by a team of experts and have been tested, measured, and refined according to the business system.


Grow With One Of The Best Car Wash & Car Detailing Solutions – Become A Proud Franchisee With Dc Carstudio

DC CARSTUDIO invites individuals with entrepreneurial zeal and passion for automotive customization to join the CAR Wash & Detailing Devils squad and become a part of the ever-growing and one of the best-detailing solutions in India. Franchise options are available for locations anywhere in India. Our full-fledged support in the areas of techniques, set-up, marketing, and training will ensure you progress with our franchise.

Why Dc Carstudio?
DC Car Studio is professional mechanized cleaning solutions and car detailing service. In a drive to revolutionize the concept of car cleaning in the country and create a clean car culture As a DC CARSTUDIO franchisee, you’ll be putting your business name next to a global leader. Admired for its legendary Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR), DC Carstudio has always advanced the standard in automobile technology. The result is a range of highly regarded and sought-after detailing works in automobiles- Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Honda etc. Each vehicle is detailed with perfection and protection to delight customers with a unique experience and Dc Carstudio pmises its customers to deliver QDR experience in all stages.

Why Dc Carstudio Is Best To Choose?
Full-fledged support in the areas of techniques, set-up, marketing and training to ensure you progress with the franchise. Known name in the automotive industry. Comprehensive support and guidance. Regular training to nurture business and marketing skills.

Q. What is the availability of sites in my area?
A. The availability of franchises in specific areas will be discussed during your initial interview. However, as you can appreciate, DC Car Studio cannot predict which locations will be available when your application and qualification process is complete. Therefore, the flexibility to relocate when considering a franchise opportunity may be required.

Q Is there a continuing royalty fee?
A. No. There is no continuing royalty to be paid by franchisee to the company.|

Q. Will I receive assistance in finding a location for my Car Wash
Yes. While it is each franchisee's contractual responsibility to find a suitable location, we will connect you with resources to assist you in site selection. We will collectively review all available options and approve a location that is mutually agreed upon and meet sour criteria.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Aurangabad, Nashik , Pune

Blocked City


DC CAR STUDIO-focused support services provide valuable information to and share experience with its franchisees to ensure early and ongoing successful program implementation.
These services include:
1.1 Initial and Ongoing Training Programs
1.2 Marketing/Advertising Assistance
1.3 Equipment and Technical Support 
1.4 Operations & Technical Support
1.5 Web and Online Support
1.6 Integrated POS System
From pre-training to the grand opening you will work side by side with the members of our support team. Every stage is comfortably paced, ensuring you receive a quality training experience.

Prashant choudhari


Address: Plot No 29, Service Industry Area, Opp Bharat Bazaar, Prozon Moll, Road, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003

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