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DAD Ayurveda

Category: Healthcare services
Company: Disha Arogya Dham Foundation
Brand Origin: Jaipur
Established Year: 2018
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 22-30 Months
Area: 500 Sq.Ft
Investment: 5 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 25
Google Rating: 5/5

About Us

DAD AYURVEDA © (Multispecialty Ayurveda Clinic) a traditional Ayurveda and Naturopathy wellness clinic and infertility center, came into existence in the year 2009, when Dr. Pankaj Rohilla started his wellness clinic in a small space of 100 sq. ft. cabin at Chhachhrauli (Yamunanagar) started. Due to our futuristic vision and hard work, dedication, and commitment to establish a complete Ayurveda center for our vision and to spread the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the overall well-being of the society, he successfully established a Complete Ayurveda. Naturopathy Wellness Clinic and Infertility Center in Chhachhrauli (Yamunanagar) in May 2002. Today DAD Ayurveda`TM has become one of the renowned Ayurveda Wellness Clinics in the region, offering Ayurveda Remedies and All Naturopathy Treatments by committed, dedicated, and experienced professionals in the field of Ayurveda. , The center is located in Jaipur city, supported by nature’s environment, equipped with traditional and sophisticated facilities, access and distribution of most renowned DAD-based pharmacy medicines, and retaining experienced physicians, the center is under professional supervision for all its general and physical services. Are expanding. diseases, chronic diseases, and medically challenging disorders.

DAD Ayurveda`s doctors are pioneers in Pulse reading (Nadi Priksha), Prakriti Analysis, Classical Ayurvedic treatment, and Preparation of Ayurvedic herbal food supplements. DAD Ayurveda has a state-of-the-art modern Naturopathy Centre with a traditional & classical treatment offering Health Care Services and Products through the use of the ancient and authentic Indian wisdom and sophisticated healthcare facilities

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type Proprietorship
License Type
Main Product Ayurveda product, Doctor Consultation, Dashakarma Treatment, Naturopathy Treatment, Clinical Training
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Jaipur, India
Business Automation Mini
Business Involvement Fulltime

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Business Type Clinic
Space 500sq.ft. -1000sq.ft.
Investment in Clinical Infrastructure INR 2.5 Lacs
Investment in Stock INR 2.5 Lacs
Franchise License & One-time Setup Fee INR 2.5 Lacs
Franchisee Fee INR 50K
Total Investment INR 5-8 Lacs
Model FOFO
Royalty 50%
ROI 2 Years

- As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
- Interior Cost is a variable, which depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Products / Services


1.1 We are the leading Ayurvedic Wellness Clinics of India`s No1 where all Ayurvedic Treatment and Naturopathy Therapies are available.
1.2 Well-equipped Ayurvedic & Naturopathy Clinics with all modern amenities.
1.3 We use only fresh and self-prepared oils, herbal powders, hay, chutneys, medicated ghee, decoction, etc. for Ayurveda and Naturopathy.
1.4 To do treatment on the basis of pulse examination (and diagnosis) and after analysis of patient nature.
1.5 Only to treat all kinds of acute and chronic diseases.
1.6 Herbal Skin Care. unwanted Hair Care, Beauty Treatment and Spa Package.
1.7 Available All Type of Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Powder, And Skin Care Products.
1.8 Board Certified & Well Experienced B.A.M.S & M.D (Ayurveda) Doctors and B.N.Y.S, D.N.Y.S Naturopathic doctor.
1.9 Having well-qualified & experienced Therapists.
1.10 A complete one-stop Herbal Wellness Center.
1.11 Lab & Diagnose Facility.
1.12 Dedicated towards Customers Satisfaction.
1.13 OPD software to access patient data and online treatment, video conferencing, and appointment facility.

Support / Responsibility

Support, etc.
Online Patients lead through our websites.
1.2 Online & Offline treatment-related support.
1.3 All Ayurveda medicine and herbal products supply.
1.4 Regular training programs for staff to increase revenue.
1.5 OPD Software.
1.6 Cancer, HIV, kidney failure, mental patients, drug treatment, and health cards will be free for all needy patients
1.7 Flat 15% Off On All Patients Dad Health Card ft.
1.8 Free medical camp every month continuously for one year

Support From Company
1.1 Doctor training from Company End
1.2 Complete Marketing & Clinic Management Support
1.3 Training to Back-end Staff*
1.4 100% Result & Time-Tested Treatment Protocol.
1.5 Result-Oriented Ayurveda Medicines
1.6 Educational Program & Seminars from the company end.
1.7 Free Medical Camp Every 3 months.
1.8 Free medicine distribution company end.
1.9 Patient Health Card benefits will be given by the company to the patient.
1.10 Hospital Management & Inventory Software.


1.1 Target Marketing & Online Marketing support

1.2 Online leads through the website

1.3 In the future, we will be giving a major thrust to Television & by giving advertisements in specific magazines benefiting the whole network.



Why DAD Ayurveda?

1.1 Our Clinic is especially known for Ayurveda treatment and all Naturopathy Therapies needed for Treatment and to be healthy.
1.2 DAD Ayurveda is the only clinic in the smart city where available treatment-based Naturopathy Therapies and Ayurveda body massages, Spa & rejuvenation packages.
1.3 We self-prepared medicated oils, aroma oils, deconstructions, medicated Grits, Herbal powders, Beauty packs, and Ayurveda medicine for Naturopathy Therapies.
1.4 We do treatment on the basis of Nadi Pariksha, Jihva Pariksha & mal, Mutra Pariksha.
1.5 We do not do symptoms-based treatment, But we focus and eradicating the root cause of the disease.
1.6 Along with doing treatment for chronic diseases, We also do Diet & Life Style Modification.
1.7 Our clinic is well equipped with all traditional and modern facilities.
1.8 We have a team of experienced & qualified Ayurveda Doctors ( B.A.M.S, M.D & Naturopathy specialists) and qualified Naturopathy Therapists and other back-end Staff.
1.9 We have a full-fledged Ayurveda pharmacy and available All Ayurveda Medicine.

Why DAD Ayurveda Franchise?
1.1 Complete One-stop Ayurveda Wellness Center.
1.2 Range of high-quality Ayurveda medicines available.
1.3 Medicines for all ailments are available for preventing all diseases.
1.4 Herbal Beauty and Hair-care treatments
1.5 Dedicated Back end support
1.6 Total Marketing and R& D Support
1.7 No risk with high benefits, and no gestation period
1.8 Corporate image and reputation with the backing of an established branded entity
1.9 Concepts ensuring high-profit Business
1.10 Universally accepted methodology
1.11 Doctor & Therapist Training Support.
1.12 Technical support knows how to handle the Ayurveda Wellness Clinic
1.13 No drug license is required, No Doctor, and No prior experience is required.

Who Are We Looking For?
Being a DAD Ayurveda Wellness Clinic Franchise: DAD AYURVEDA Retail Outlet offers a lifestyle, and career that lends itself to a flexible work schedule and an opportunity to involve family members in your business. DAD Ayurveda looks for operators with retailing, interest, and an entrepreneurial spirit. To run a successful Ayurveda wellness clinic, we need dedication, knowledge, and commitment to our clients and colleagues. We provide a pleasurable, flexible lifestyle. As a franchise owner, you will gain satisfaction and instill qualities in your sales and support staff that will make you.


Brand Origin


Expansion City


Existing City

Bhavnagar, Yamunanagar, Jaipur, Kota, Udaipur, Bageshwar, Kushinagar, Lucknow, Palanpur, Delhi, Gurugram

Blocked City


The Benefits of DAD Ayurveda Franchise

  • When you start DAD Ayurveda Wellness Clinic, You become a business partner of the DAD Ayurveda Brand.

  • DAD Ayurveda is a unique concept with no direct competitors in Ayurveda Wellness Clinic yet.

  • Clinical Tested Ayurveda medicine formulations.

  • Herbal products and herbal supplements available at affordable rates to generate unlimited revenues

  • Being on the cutting edge, you have access to path-breaking opportunities, services, products, and technologies

Ms. Rajni Rohilla


Address: E-20 Kedia Palace Murlipura Scheme, Jaipur, 302039 (RJ)

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