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Bon Pizza

Category: Fast food
Company: Turis Foods and Equipment Pvt Ltd.
Brand Origin: Ahmedabad
Established Year: 2013
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 300 Sq.Ft
Investment: 20 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 30
Google Rating: 3.9/5

About Us

We make pizza the way it was supposed to be made, centuries ago. But with following precision and consistency in terms of recipe across the country. The company started as a humble street venture, but today it provides a respectable living to more than 100 families across the country. And thanks to the process innovations in the back-end kitchen, our products are free from all unwanted elements - be it artificial colors, chemicals or preservatives.

Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type FSSAI
Main Product GARLIC BREAD, COLD COFFEE, deserts, Pizza
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Ahmedabad, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime, Partially

Franchise Model

Investment Cost
Kitchen Equipment INR 400000 Lakhs
Other Equipment INR 100000 Lakhs
Franchise Fees INR 500000 Lakhs
Deposite for Materials INR 100000 Lakhs
Furniture/Interior INR 500000 Lakhs
Lunch Marketing INR 100000 Lakhs
Working Capital INR 100000 Lakhs
Contingency/ Deposite INR 200000 Lakhs
Total INR 2000000 Lakhs
Royalty NIL

Products / Services

1.1 Wood fire Pizza
1.2 Garlic Bread
1.3 Cold Coffee
1.4 Desserts
1.5 Calzone


Agreement & Training

Agreement 5Years
Renewal Mutual Disscusion
Training Brand
Marketing Brand
Branding Brand

Support / Responsibility

Our Unique Advantages

1.1 We lead in the technology and process of making pizza in the original Italian Style.
1.2 Management expertise to minimize your chances of failure. 86% + of our franchise generate profits in the first 3 months of operations.
1.3 We understand what customer wants and customize our product to suit the market demands.
1.4 Honest and transparent approach; No Hidden costs; no dubious practices.

Always Fresh, Always Natural

We believe in old words simplicity and authenticity in our approach. So, we never shy away from hard work. We neither adopt any short cuts, nor cut any corners to make that extra profit. Our pizza dough is prepared fresh in front of customer. The sauces don't contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. As a result, the pizza always tastes good and customer keeps coming back for more.

Leveraging IT for Business

1.1  Our founders have extensive Corporate and IT experience. We leverage that experience to make business easy for you
1.2 We have easy to use IT systems for POS, Online Ordering and Delivery, Digital Marketing and so on.
1.3  We don't suggest micro-managing, rather smart metrics which give you business direction just by looking at 5 line items.
1.4 Depending upon the level of reporting and control required on operations, we help you setting up a suitable Dashboard development and reporting



Online & Offline marketing will be done by brand.

Cost Bifurcation

Particular Year1 Year 2 Year 3
Total Sales INR 6331708 INR 6964879 INR 7661367
Less Material Cost (@28%) INR 1772878 INR 1810869 INR 19919955
Less packaging Cost (@6%) INR 379903 INR 417893 INR 459682
Gross Margin INR 4178928 INR 4736118 INR 5209730
Estrablishment Expenses      
Premises Rent INR 480000 INR 504000 INR 529200
Manpower Salaries INR 468000 INR 504000 INR 566280
Communication Expenses INR 60000 INR 60000 INR 60000
Electricity Bill INR 120000 INR 120000 INR 120000
Muncipal Taxes INR 30000 INR 30000 INR 30000
Local Marketing Expenses INR 195000 INR 195000 INR 195000
Payment to HO INR 240000 INR 240000 INR 240000
Fuel Expenses INR 138000 INR 138000 INR 138000
Other Miscelleneous Expenses INR 390000 INR 390000 INR 390000
Net Profit Before Tax (EBIT) INR 2057928 INR 2544318 INR 2941250
% Gross Margin 66% 68% 68%
% Net Margin 33% 37% 38%


Why Us?

1.1 88% of our units become profitable within the first 3 months
1.2 We have multiple layer of back-up strategies in case initial assumptions go wrong
1.3 Our proven techniques and methods ensure that you don't need to learn
through "Trial and Error”.
1.4Our IT Deployment include:Omnichannel Billing Software Kitchen Display System (KDS)
1.5 Online Order Booking andDelivery
1.6 Consumer App and Driver App
1.7 Purchase and Inventory System
1.8 CRM Software
1.9 Digital Marketing Expertise
1.10 Various Process performance and monitoring mechanism; depending on
your business model (Part time involvement; full time involvement etc)
1.11Owners' Training on various KPIs of the Business Monitoring
1.12 Entire range of manual to fully automated monitoring systems available.


Brand Origin


Expansion City

Indore, Ujjain, Gaya, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Surat, Mumbai, Nashik , Lucknow, Noida, Pan India, Ahmedabad, Bangalore

Existing City

Patna, Udaipur, Hajipur

Blocked City



Address: Crimson Avenue, Maple County Thaltej Shilaj Road, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) India 380059

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