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Biryani Wala

Category: Restaurant
Company: Restro Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Brand Origin: Mysore
Established Year: 2019
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 12-18 Months
Area: 150 Sq.Ft
Investment: 5 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 5
Google Rating: 3.9/5

About Us

Baryaantwala is the concept developed by renowned Master Chef Shajahan M Abdul. The idea is to serve the best biryanis and kebabs under a single roof. e idea is challenging, yet, it's attractive as well. Master Chef Abdul curates all the recipes and masal Biryaaniwala is Now Open for franchising partners across the globe. Birgaaniwala was founded in the year 2019 under the guidance of Master Chef Abdul.

Birgaaniwala is one of the units of Restro Consultants Private Limited, the pioneer in food and beverage consultation worldwide. Biryaaniwala is also a registered trademark of Master Chef Abdul. RCPL has taken the responsibility to market the brand Biryaaniwala and provide opportunities to investors worldwide.


This is to develop a world-renowned brand with a lesser investment setup.


To be the world's best brand serving traditional biryanis at its best.


To provide business and fob opportunities across the global

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type FSSAI, FIRE, Gumasta
Main Product PANEER TIKKA BIRYANI, Soups, Hyderabad Dum Biryani, Curries & Dal
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Mysore, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment details


Food Court



Kitchen Equipment

INR 4.32 Lacs

INR 3.36 Lacs

INR 5.74 Lacs



INR 60 K

INR1.24 Lacs

Operation Tools

INR 98 K

INR 1.64 Lacs

INR 2.36 Lacs

Branding/ Furniture

INR 1.34 Lacs

INR 1.22 Lacs

INR 2.58 Lacs


INR 36 K

INR 24 K

INR 54 K

Packing Solution


INR 80 K

INR 40 K

Billing Solution


INR 14 K

INR 14 Lacs

Franchise Fee

INR 2 Lacs

INR 2 Lacs

INR 3 Lacs

Total Investment

INR 9 Lacs

INR 10 Lacs

INR 16 Lacs

Products / Services

1.1. Soup

1.2 Starters

1.3 Breads & Curries

1.4 Curries

1.5 Biryani

1.6 Hyderabadi Biryani

1.7 Afghani Biryani 

Agreement & Training

Agreement Year

5 Years

5 Years

5 Years


Franchise Fee

Franchise Fee

Franchise Fee







12 to 15

12 to 15

Support / Responsibility

1.1 Location Selection Support.

1.2 Store Designing Support.

1.3 Store Setup Support.

1.4 Franchisee Business Training.

1.5 Recipe Preparation Training.

1.6 Packing Solution.

1.7 All Certification and Business Registration Support.

1.8 Workforce Recruitment and Training Support.

1.9 Workforce Replacement & Training Support.

1.10 Our Secret Spices Supply to your Doorstep.

1.11 Social Media Marketing Support.

1.12 Vendor Selection for Supply of Local Ingredients to the Doorstep. Information Technology and Point of Sale Software Support. Monthly Auditing Support. Business Development Support.

1.13 Business Reputation Management Support


1.1 Brand  first take care of the kitchen part completely with all chefs cooks will be on our payroll.

1.2 All marketing collateral are managed by Brand.

1.3 B2C Marketing Ideas and bloggers and videos will be provided by company but payment done by a Franchise.

1.4 Brand will put postings on every occasion or festivals


In our experience in the food business for many years, we face challenges. Some challenges in our life seem insoluble. But you need to be practical and

change your perspective. We at Biryaaniwala have overcome with challenges and hurdles you may see. We have a solid business plan and concrete marketing strategy that will change your perspective entirely. You need to go through and follow our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). You can start your own food business with

1.1 low investment and earn significant margins.

1.2 India's most affordable food business model

1.3 Excellent margin on sale higher ROI

1.4 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

1.5 A variety of mouthwatering food items

1.6 Easy to make dishes

1.7 No wastage of food

1.8 Aim to serve everyone

1.9 Time tasted distinctive food business model

1.10 Well-design food menu by Biryoontwale Chefs

1.11 Assurance of hygiene & quality

1.12 Fastest growing Birys and Kebob brand

1.13 Brand recognition in the market

1.14 No prior experience

1.15 Supply of good quality products and row materials

1.16 Nominal Investment required to get into the business

1.17 Proper training and full support provided

1.18 Excellent customer support

1.19 Digital marketing Support 



Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City

Blocked City


Mr. Omkar


Address: Mysoure, Karnataka - 570023

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